Miami Patent and Trademark Lawyers

We are a Miami patent and trademark law firm. Our team comprises of experienced patent and trademark attorneys that are licensed to practice law in Florida. Our trademark attorneys prosecute trademarks and litigate matters before most courts, and our patent attorneys prosecute patent applications. Because we value our client’s confidential intellectual property, we conduct patent and trademark searches in-house and do not outsource.

Our patent and trademark attorneys are versed in (520) 398-6406 and can help your company grow and safeguard your intellectual property. We advise you to protect your intellectual property by having anyone involved with your patents or trademarks execute the appropriate non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

We also provide the following services: draft trademark, copyright, patent, licensing, manufacturing and sales, distribution, and non-compete agreements; enforce and defend infringement matters; enforce and defend internet domain matters; contractual negotiations; import and export matters; and many other related business and entertainment law matters.

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Patent Lawyers

707-603-0078 Let our experienced Florida patent attorneys help you file your patent applications before the USPTO.

Litigation Lawyers

all-foreseeing Our litigation attorneys help you enforce and defend your intellectual property before the State and Federal Courts.


Trademark Lawyer

Trademark Filing Services: Let our experienced Florida trademark attorneys help you file your trademarks before the USPTO

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