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Since introduction of the Job Descriptive Index in 1969 more than 1,000 organizations in both the private and public sector have used the norms to measure employee job satisfaction.
The survey takes employees just 10 minutes to complete online and includes 90 standardized questions and one comment question.

Reliable, Affordable Results

We have combined one of the most respected and widely used benchmarks of employee job satisfaction in the world with a streamlined data collection and survey reporting process that allows us to efficiently apply benchmark norms to your organization to effectively measure employee job satisfaction.

Robust Scoring System
Users cover all types of markets and industries and range in size from 10 employee organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Scoring includes overall job satisfaction and five key facets of the employment relationship.
Nationwide and Industry Group Benchmarks
All indexes and norms were updated in 2009 as part of a comprehensive review and include updated nationwide norms and 7 new Industry Group norms. The industry group norms are exclusive to Amplitude Research®.
Sub-Group Norms
Sub-group norms allow for comparison of different segments of your employees such as Job Level, Age, Manager Status, and Education.
"[The study] was an enormous success from management's perspective. The services offer invaluable tools to let upper management within any organization get a feel for the true pulse and heartbeat of its life blood, which of course is its employees."
"The nationwide benchmarking lent a great deal to the context and validity of responses. We recommend Amplitude Research® for price, user-ability, service and reporting."
"We were very impressed with the survey process and were impressed with the high number of employees that completed the survey, which indicates that it was employee user friendly."
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