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sunflower media provides professional editing, layout, graphic design and publishing services for clients in the nashville, tennessee area.

sunflower media was started in september 1998 to facilitate developing and publishing websites and educational software while working toward my master's degree in digital media at abilene christian university. it has since gone through many changes, but its primary purpose is still the same: to stay connected with you, the client.

i am a transplanted texan now living near nashville, tennessee. i have an extensive background in editing, writing, layout, publishing and graphic design, as well as film and digital photography. i have a degree in print journalism and have worked in magazines and newspapers as well as organizational publications and publicity campaigns.

i have experience developing and organizing content, coordinating writers and contributors, and working closely with printers to achieve the desired result on time at a reasonable cost.

please contact me for more information, including an extensive portfolio collection on cdrom and an impressive list of local references. perhaps we can work together to make your publishing goal a reality.







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