Don't be in too much of a hurry.

Almost stepped on a gecko while going to the metro.


I got in a car accident.


Other people aren't interested.

Raphael was completely puzzled.

I've waited too long for this.

I need to see you, and to see you again, and to see you always.

We've come a long way.

The two of us are finally alone.

The handbag you bought in China is cheap-looking.

Production is carried on for profit, not for use.

There are billions of stars in the sky.

Of soccer and rugby, I prefer the latter.

Some people think Tatoeba is not a school.


Blake told Tracey that he was tired.

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They were ranged against the king.

I hope that isn't true.

Excuse me, is there a toilet nearby?

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Jesper wasn't at the meeting.

She would cook it in her own way.

This might all be a sham.

You're so cute.

His theory deserves consideration.


The boss has been on his high horse all month long.


He is breathing hard.


Whose newspaper is this?


Even if one is to "believe", there is still a "lie" in the midst.

If you want it done well, I'm your man.

Theodore can dance quite well.

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I think Tareq has three options.

"Especially challenged people" sounds better than "handicapped persons".

Travis worked as a gardener.

Patty doesn't read books in French.

Woody is always smoking.

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There's something I want.

What is missing?

Holly says he wants to buy a house on Park Street.

Luis knows them all.

Kikki's still taking his medication, isn't he?

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I will take such action as seems necessary.

Perry doesn't let anyone touch him.

Morgan held out his hand.


No matter what you do, don't ever kiss your teacher.


I had to do it, there was no other choice.

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I am still in shock after knowing this sad and devastating news.

The boy used to drop in on me very often.

The young engineer lacked experience.

The cop was shot on his beat.

They won't tell us anything.

Why did you quit your job?

Lidia has blonde straight hair.

Dick isn't my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

I'll tell Torsten what I know.

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Everybody was looking at her when she burst into laughter.

"Now, boys." he said.

People are still scared.

What did Earnie expect?

Where is my position on the map?

Why do you always try to appease women? Do you feel guilty?

Why don't you explain that?

Juliet could've had this job if he'd wanted it.

I want them to see this.

That almost sounded like Theo's voice.

Tell everybody I'm allergic to peanuts.

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I recommended Leung for the job.

This was a wake up call for Patricio.

We'll catch up with her later.

To survive in a hostile environment, one must be able to improvize and be tenacious.

My father fixes broken chairs.

No further discussion is necessary.

I lost my bearings when I came out of the subway.


Are you up for a promotion?


This is a picture of my father and his first wife.

High five!

You can't let them win.

Kenn is my charge.

I didn't say anything at all about our plan.

We've done everything we can for Sedovic.

Bruno is said to be in England.

She stayed at home as she didn't have a car.

We talked about this yesterday.


Yesterday I helped my father.

Pick me up at 2:30.

I didn't have enough time to eat everything that was served.

Emirates has five daily flights from New York to Dubai.

Is this all yours?

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I still don't know what'll happen tomorrow.


Harvey proposed to me. He asked me to marry him.

Officially, he works for us as an interpreter.

I used to debate the problem with her.

I'm sure we can reach some kind of compromise.

Your first Japanese class will be tomorrow, isn't?

I'll apologize to him.

I'm quite busy.


My brother and I shared the room.

Clem answered the telephone.

It's chilly.

You always were a good dancer.

I absolve you from your sins.

Alf is not happy with this.

How many years ago did you realize you were adopted?

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Forget the past, live the future.

We had to remove your spleen.

It is human to make mistakes.

Where is the bus stop?

I wish to make a complaint.

Can you smell that?

She used to play tennis with him.

It was a fake.

He cried out for help in a loud voice.

Last year was a pretty tough year for us.

Nobody was listening to the speech.

We're goners.

Birds often fly together.


Is this suitable?

She doesn't always translate the real answer.

Your self-image affects, and is affected by, the way you interpret your achievements.

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Harris went to visit Naoto in the hospital.


You'd make her the happiest woman on earth if you did that.

UN stands for United Nations.

I haven't seen you since college.

I can't afford the time to travel.

Julius told me that he would like to buy a new bicycle.

I want to help you with your homework.

Gregge would've been here by now if his car hadn't broken down.

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Good, as always.


They want to hear you sing.

She's as sweet as honey.

It's a thing which you use when you watch films.

Would it be possible to set up a meeting with us on April fifth or sixth?

Normally, I wouldn't have been so busy.


He is in the habit of eating only two meals a day.

He's got a white cat.

He spent a lot of money this weekend.


Pratap said you were good.

Boyce used to bake us cookies.

The flower is not black.


A taxi is expensive.

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I am much obliged to you for your kindness.

He worked hard in order that his family might live in comfort.

Twenties and some smaller bills, please.

Having been busy all day yesterday, I feel very tired this morning.

I have no memory of you.

What's the hurry?

Looks delicious. Think I'll try some.

Lester didn't waste his time talking to Van.

Daren was aware of the difficulties.

Spain is a European country.

The workers are against the new plan.


Would it be OK if I asked you a personal question?

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I wanted Lea stopped, but I didn't think anyone could do it.

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Dan carried the bag on his shoulder.


Laurel could go to jail for three years.

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I'm not finicky.


Would you help me look for my keys?


Words, when well chosen, have such great force in them.

Po told Nicolo that he was thirsty.

Your request isn't reasonable.


We've always been competitive.