A revolution in how you deliver healthcare

ConvergeCare is an interoperable digital platform that empowers healthcare systems

with innovative healthcare delivery models that fit into patient's and providers' on-the-go lifestyles. It gives your local providers and patients an easy way to connect online or in person, at their convenience.

With ConvergeCare, your healthcare system can grow your patient base to reduce patient acquisition costs and positively impact revenue.

Now your health system can efficiently and effectively serve large patient populations with

Video appointments

Patients can consult with one of your healthcare providers over a secured video chat

Home visits

Your healthcare providers can visit patients at home for evaluation, treatment and select lab work

Worksite clinics

Your providers can see patients at a dedicated clinic on site at an employer

Facility-wide services

Patients can self-schedule appointments and administrators can coordinate care across departments.

Bringing it all together

ConvergeCare is an interoperable system that provides up-to-date information through separate portals for patients, providers and administrative staff. Patients can schedule appointments at any time. Staff can coordinate patient administration with provider availability. Physicians can collaborate to focus on delivering high-quality care.

With ConvergeCare, your hospital system will

Enhance patient satisfaction

Eliminate the waiting room and streamline the entire patient experience

Increase patient volume

Easier access to healthcare means more patients will use it

Increase provider frequency

More patients, more appointments

Foster patient loyalty

Become the easy-to-use healthcare resource for patients

Reduce costs

Decrease overhead with virtual offices and on-call physicians

Improve revenue

Add revenue streams, maximize reimbursements and increase provider billings

Increase operating margins

See more patients without adding overhead

Ensure security

Build a virtual practice with our secured platform

Simplify your workflow

Manage appointments with a few clicks and reduce waiting-room bottlenecks

Improve scheduling

Reduce no-shows with our state-of-the-art scheduling system

Optimize staffing

Analyze staffing needs across your organization to make sure every department is staffed right

Support collaboration

Facilitate communication and collaboration between physicians and departments across the care continuum

Transform how you deliver healthcare