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2 steps forward, 1 step back: AI’s role in travel challenging but inevitable

2 steps forward, 1 step back: AI’s role in travel challenging but inevitable

Travel companies face hurdles when applying AI to help their agents and to improve the customer experience. Included in this article is mention of Casto's chatbot focused on post-ticketing services for travelers. View entire article on the 'Travel Weekly' website popup

Artificial Intelligence is the Future the Jetsons Told Us About

Providing insight into the travel industry and AI, Casto Travel's Marco chatbot is featured as expediting responses to common traveler requests. 2093286783

Sabre Advances Chatbot Testing With Casto And TSI

The history and current state of Casto's chatbot efforts are mentioned when discussing Sabre's chatbot pilots that are now in full effect with Casto and TSI. View entire article on 'The Beat' website popup (subscription required)

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