My sister was on a diet for a week, but gave up.


They all giggled.

I like your mirror.

I like to participate in this project.

He was PK'ed, I resurrected him.

I'm not in a very good mood.

That's what the law says.

This wine is superior to that one in scent.


Another problem has arisen.

Facebook suspended one of my six accounts.

My boss told me that I needed to get better at speaking French.

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You're very late.

He's in a bad mood.

I wish Les were here to see Markus dance.

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I asked her to wait a minute.


He gets pissed off very easily and yells and screams.

Brodie admits he wasn't sure.

Jorge can't bear to look at Matti.


I'll get it tomorrow.

Darin can't just quit.

He's never been better.

I'll come with you if you want me to.

Will you swim with Himawan?


"I love rain." "Maybe you do, but I don't."

The important thing to us is a friend.

It will work.


Have you spoken to her?

That's brilliant.

She was very active with her children.

What can we possibly give her?

I think the eggs that I just ate were rotten.

Fill out this form, please.

I don't like the way he speaks to me.


I know how you feel about him.

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Pens and pencils are examples of writing tools.


We took it for granted that he would join us.

They speak Spanish in Colombia.

They need help.

My parents used to read me stories when I was a little boy.

Tanaka sat alone in the otherwise empty room.


My nephew watched the animals in the zoo.

The farmer longs for the day when the grain ripens.

Who was the inventor of the telephone, Bell or Meucci?

I couldn't sleep, thinking about it.

He cannot be hungry; he has just had lunch.

I write letters that I never send.

Greg's new song is amazing.

You should be frank, and they will treat you as a friend.

Our dinner today will be very simple: bread, goat cheese, figs and wine.

I'm surviving.

We must avoid calling on others without an appointment.

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We were supposed to meet in front of the library.

Everyone was really impressed with that machine.

I ran into your mother in the library.

Dewey and Eileen are ready.

I agree with this proposal.


We really thought Morton would be here tonight.


I know I did an awful thing.


Did you finish your paper?


This line is diagonal.


We're ready for anything.

Did you want to meet with them?

I used to have a house in Boston.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

We anticipate a heavy rainfall tomorrow.

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Who is going to sit in for you?

Even though the light was red, that car just drove right through.

She earned money.

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Currently I am putting effort into expanding my vocabulary.

He made his son a doctor.

I have an idea she will come today.

He can write with both hands.

This is above reason.

There are many theories as to what caused the fall and fragmentation of the Roman Empire.

I couldn't help staring at her.


How did they manage that?


Cat Stevens is not a cat. He's a singer.

Release the hostages.

Please be careful not to trip over the carpet.

I guess I just don't get it.

He kisses his child a hundred times a day.


Antonella won't find us here.

You must bring home to her the importance of the matter.

It's a war crime.


Why do you like Boston?

People who work for intelligence service usually learn many languages, but they have to keep a lot of secrets.

He must have entered this room.

Why is it okay for boys, but not for girls?

Play that song again.

Malus has more money than we all can imagine.

Do you know anything about the meaning of dreams?

Call me after you talk to Thuan.

We owed him that.


The cat catches mice.

Dorothy is a good pilot.

It was prudent of you to save money.

Celeste should have told Jerry right away that he wasn't single.

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.


It simply doesn't add up.

He is not altogether wrong.

He drives a hard bargain.

That's partially correct.

There must be a pattern.

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He has no sense of right and wrong.

Don't let Seymour shut this door.

Tell me!

Did you have a good night last night?

We lifted the table with our combined strength.


There are a lot of different peoples in the world.

The birds used to sing in the trees.

Fletcher rides a bicycle.

One thing I didn't have to worry about was finding drinking water.

An acute lack of funds is holding up the plan.


I think Syun killed himself.

This famous actress checked into rehab for the second time to treat her addiction.

Where's the women's section?

She was working hard.

Editors would expect them to be typewritten.


Marnix drinks 100% pure orange juice every day.

Do you remember the earthquake that struck Armenia in 1988?

She sometimes takes a walk in the park.


Tell Rolfe to give this to Sassan.

You must form regular habits.

What makes you so sure Case wants to stay?

Have you been eating enough?

You can't be too careful these days.

Why don't you think about it?

What can I do about it?

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Ariel has tested positive for drugs.

He decided to enter the room.

Can we go shopping for shoes?

It was a hot summer day.

I was looking up musicals in Berlin and there are some interesting musicals to say the least.

Listen, do you mind if I take this with me?

There's a fan on the desk.


I was asked to lie.

I'm a dog lover.

He's gambling everything on the success of his son.

Leon was an innocent bystander.

How are you going to disarm Starbuck?

A study has proved, that eating too fast increases your chance for obesity.

How much does Spyros know about this situation?

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If it is useful for improving your life, it cannot be done too soon.


I missed a golden opportunity.

Why did the prices go down?

Be careful. The soup's very hot.

How did you know my name was Marcel?

I'd jump through hoops for you.


We have important matters to discuss.

Betty arrived the latest.

They won't take her back.

I doubt very seriously that Sandeep would ever do that.

In one single square kilometre of Borneo woodland have been found as many species of trees as exist in all of North America.

I'm the only one who knows where Ken is.

Alice did not see the dog.

George Eliot is subtly subversive: there are have-nots on every fringe, and her women collaborate in exquisitely detailed mutual oppression.

We need a nut that will fit that bolt.

I just couldn't do everything Kirk asked me to do.

Cindy has a big house.

Many people have been injured.

Antonio pushed Marsh into the chair.

He knows all the answers.

I'll call you if I need you.