Full-Service AMI and Utility Solutions
Plus Field Testing and Verification
Meter Shop Services
Recertified-Green® Meters
High-Voltage PPE Testing
Transformer-Rated Metering
Meter Set and Transocket Manufacturing
Personal Protective Equipment
Tools & Safety Equipment
Brand Names and Customized Solutions

Uncompromising service and quality built on more than 80 years of experience.
Your metering, AMI and utility service experts!

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Recertified Green Meters
Transformers, Insulators, Bushings
Sockets, Adapters, Locking Hardware
Test Equipment & Standards
Transformer Monitoring


Turnkey AMI System Installation
Electric, Water & Gas Meter Installation
Project Management
Pre-Deployment Surveys
AMI Integration & Testing
Network Deployment
Post-Deployment Maintenance



Meter Reading
AMI Meter Maintenance
Distribution Asset Surveys
Revenue Protection
Customer Communication
AMI Complex Meter Services

(903) 602-2331

Field Meter Testing
Site Analysis
Transformer Ratio & Burden Testing
Wiring Verification
Error Correction
Non-AMI Complex Meter Services
ERCOT Certification

(647) 588-3468

High-Capacity Meter Lab
Meter Repair & Testing
AMI Integration
Customer High-Bill Complaint Testing
Firmware Upgrades
Communications Testing
Standards Certification
Meter Sample Acceptance Testing
As-Found, End-of-Life Meter Testing


Primary & Secondary Meter Sets
Tran Sockets
Meter Set Remanufacturing
Transformer Testing


Insulated Rubber Goods
Hot Line Tools
Wire-Working Devices
Climbing Equipment
Grounds and Jumpers
Arc Flash and FR Clothing
Bucket Truck Accessories


NAIL-Accredited Test Lab
Utility PPE Program Management
Insulating Rubber Goods
Insulating Fiberglass Sticks
Personal Protective Grounds
Insulating Jumpers

Our Commitment

At TMD, we are commitmed to delivering exceptional results and always standing behind our work. We make this confident commitment with the knowledge that we hold ourselves to standards of excellence that are unparalleled in our marketplace.

We've created these standards of excellence by continually reinvesting in our people and processes to create a company culture that accept nothing but the best. TMD will be accountable to our customers and provide them with the confidence they expect from a trusted partner.

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