White Eggs and Brown Eggs — which are Organic Eggs

Have you ever curious about the difference between white eggs and brown eggs? How to differentiate organic eggs from conventional eggs? Misconception between Organic Eggs and White/Brown Eggs Organic shops in some Asian countries are selling white eggs, and brown eggs are often sold in hypermarkets and supermarkets. However, the color of the eggshells does – Read More –



Vegetarian diet includes semi-vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescetarian, and vegan. Vegetarians consume a lot of plant food. Plants contain anti-nutritional compounds, and they can reduce the absorption rate of minerals and nutrients in the digestive system. So, mineral and nutritional deficiency are quite normal among the vegetarians. For example, vegetarians commonly have iron deficiency. LEVEL 3 TELECOM OF OKLAHOMA, LLC - OK


Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Do More Harms than Healing Arteries

Despite the sales of cholesterol-lowering drugs are growing at amazing speed, heart disease is still at the top of the list of modern diseases. Without further ado, I am going to start explaining what arteries and cholesterol are, why cholesterol-lowering drugs are not good, and then the cure for the arterial plaque in the last paragraph. Healthy – Read More –


table turning

In an article “Eating Healthy Made Easy”, Boris Schneider interviewed Richard Hurrell that is WHO consultant and former human nutrition professor at ETH Zurich. Schneider started the interview by asking why the healthy nutrition is vital. Then, professor Hurrell replied that eating healthy and balanced meals could decrease the risk of obesity-related diseases. Hardly A – Read More –


Best Malaysia Parboiled Rice Manufacturer

Cap Gajah Parboiled rice from Kelang Beras Co. Titi Serong Sdn. Bhd. is the best Malaysia parboiled rice. Parboiled rice is also known as converted rice in western countries Slightly yellowish color and benefits of converted rice are well-known in North America, Europe and other western countries. Western people love converted rice because it contains more – Read More –



Why Cap Gajah® Parboiled Rice (PR)? Are you the person who keeps complaining about eating healthy rice is time-consuming, expensive and the taste and the aroma of healthy rice is not as good as common fragrant white rice? Well, keep on reading, because we have something for you. Why Cap Gajah® Parboiled Rice is a great – Read More –