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Custom Plugins

We'll provide you the best game-experience with our greatly created custom plugins and great builds. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!

Great Community

Our server has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you are having and difficulties and the staff are always ready to help you out as well!

Many Servers

We provide many servers so you and other players dont get too bored. We can expand our servers more with your purchases from our shop. All cash gained from the server is used to get the server better items and better gaming experiences.

Vote for us!

Vote for Aether and recieve awesome items you can use in-game! Top voter gets a shoutout and is appreciated with lots of love and items, one VoteShard for every vote. The items given sometimes include crate keys! So be sure to vote by clicking the boxes below.

Factions (Coming Soon)
PvP (Coming Soon)

Server Status

Currently Port:19132

We promise that you’ll like it, join us now!

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Some of the extra features we offer

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Do you want to show some love for our hard work? You can do that by donating to the server. In return we give you great ranks, extra permissions or ingame items. How cool is that?

Visit our buycraft shop to see the perks, items and features you get when you donate, and their prices. We really appreciate your help.

65 players online average
260 players joined in total
1 years online
10 great staff members

Staff Members



xToxicx, also known as Tox is best friends with Jona_23. She enjoys building various things and has lots of fun on the server. Has been helping since the start of AP. She made our beautiful prison spawn and most of the mines in the server. She never quits on what she believes in. Shes very friendly so when you see her, say hello!



MarioInkyLeaky, also known as Mario is a really reliable staff member he has been here since we hosted XeviousNetwork. He enjoys his creative builds and renders, also having deep craving for pasta; but that's another story. He helps with the website and creates some experimental forums we will be using in the near future.




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Our servers, we're sure you'll love them!



A fully amazing working mcpe Prison server. Plots to build on, special plugins, beautiful builds such as all the mines and the spawn itself. Rank yourself up to freedom through A-Z ranks. Purchase VIP to bypass all of this and be the first to freedom. Different kits become available as you rankup. The shop offers many materials you can buy to create your plots. This server runs off 11 plugins and works flawlessly. All staff are kind and friendly. Everyone is welcome on the server kids of all ages. We have loot crates that give off amazing goodies when you vote, you get 3 crate keys, that means 3 chances of getting awesome items! Swearing, hacking, and mods are not allowed if you want to be apart of that please stay off and find a different server to play on.



Is still under development, will open really soon!



Is still under development, will open really soon! AetherPlainsPE