Barbie Controversies and Obsessions

1 May, 2015


Lots of men dream of having a real life Barbie Doll of their own, whether they dream of being dominated or dream of spending time with a blond with the right measurements in all the right places. Blond hair, big blue eyes and long legs will always command a man’s attention. And speaking of all the right measurements, I came across this beautiful blond while browsing the internet for blond Barbies. She is ultra hot and has a body to die for. You must check out Miss Anna on where you will see exactly what I am talking about. She has legs you can’t resist and always wears the sexiest high heels. Check her pictures and you will see. And follow her on Twitter @mistressnylons

Russian Barbie

The Russian Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, last week declared that she is a Breatharian and no longer needs food or water to survive. Breatharians believe that they can live on air and light and draw micro-nutrients from the cosmos in order to survive. Breatharians are not new to the extreme diet universe. Michelle Pfeiffer recently revealed she fell victim to a breatharian cult back in the early 80’s. Most who “digested” the Ukrainian Barbie’s announcement are concerned she may die of thirst and starvation if she is a true Breatharian. She already appears very anorexic. Some experts state that anorexic women can become delusional and believe that becoming a Breatharian justifies their anorexia. Lame. The Russian Barbie is full of delusions and denials. She denies having plastic surgery done, ever, but there is no way that her face and physique are natural. Valeria presents a freakish Barbie image. Women with eating disorders or who have body dysmorphia will hold her up as their idol and want to lose weight believing that they, too, can survive on cosmic air and light.

Perhaps Valeria only stated this to get attention in the media yet again, since she seems to be the epitome of attention whore who craves making the news regularly. And making the news when horrific violence is going on in the Ukraine (where she is from) shows how skewed the media’s focus and our attention is, if we place more importance on the Ukrainian Barbie’s dangerous diet choice versus the Ukrainian civil war and Russia’s intervention.

20 October, 2013

Two years ago Mattel came out with a Barbie Doll cam, known as Barbie Video Girl, featuring the bestselling doll dressed in a sexy pink, black and white zebra hoodie, black capri jeans and pink ankle boots. However, this Barbie has a few features that set her apart from other Barbies. In her upper chest, framed by a pendant, is a video camera lens with video recording capabilities, a video camera control panel is built into her back, a USB cable port is located in her lower back and doors for double AA batteries are built into her thighs.

Barbie Video Girl

Some consumers were enthusiastic about the doll’s tech features, but others were shocked since they felt this doll could easily be modified and exploited as a spy cam. There are many toy video cameras on the market, most are dedicated video cameras which aren’t built into female dolls. Many felt Mattel went too far with the Barbie Video Girl. Mattel defended the controversial Barbie Doll stating that the purpose of the doll was to combine toy and technology. Mattel cited demand in the market for tech toys to encourage learning and mastering of digital technologies.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

In 2012, a new Barbie was released, called Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, featuring a built in digital camera for still photography. This camera doll comes with a USB cable so that photos can be taken and downloaded to other devices. Both the video camera and digital camera Barbies are available for under $40 each, which is an affordable price for the toys and the built-in technology. If the technology breaks, the dolls can still be used for play. In the Vimeo video below, see how the Barbie Video Camera stacks up against a much more expensive Canon Video 7D Camera. Actually, it’s surprising how well the Barbie Doll cam works.

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on (815) 807-1975.

11 October, 2013

Men with gender identity disorder (GID) often want to transform themselves into Shemale Barbies. It’s not only women who hold up Barbie as a lookalike icon, shemales also crave and desire to achieve the Barbie look. Shemales are fairly set on going through plastic surgery to transform their bodies into female form, so going for the Barbie look isn’t out of the realm of possibility, though perhaps not in the realm of passability (transgender parlance for looking passable as a female). TGirl Barbies often get breast implants, lower rib removal, liposuction, rhinoplasties, Adam’s Apple reductions, vocal cord shaving*, chin reductions or reshaping work, laser hair removal and more to achieve a female look. Some pre-op transsexuals will even bring a Barbie Doll to their plastic surgeon to illustrate how they would like to become a Human Barbie. GID often starts at a young, impressionable age. Barbie Dolls are used as fantasy figures, literally, and these gender dysphoric boys aspire to look like the dolls as much as typical girls of the same age do.

What makes women and shemales want to look like Barbies? If Barbie were a real woman, she would be over 7 feet tall, weigh 110 pounds and her measurements would be 39-18-33. This is probably not physically possible except in freakish cases. Theory: male to female transgendered are suffering from body dysmorphic issues and not just gender dysphoria if they wish to look like Shemale Barbies.

*to achieve a more female sounding voice

11 September, 2013

Digital art is a medium that gives artists the ability to alter images, make intriguing collages and other digital presentations. Because the world is going virtual, digital art is attracting fans to this new art form. One niche that is quite popular in the realm of digital art is using images and features of Barbie Dolls. Some of these Barbie Digital Art images are artistic, creative and endearing, but some have a deeper symbolic meaning. These images convey messages about our culture and the growing numbers of the cult of Barbie.

Barbie Has Cheezburger

One example of this would have to be the chubby grilled cheese sandwich eating Teenage Fatso Barbie. It sends out a message that a lot of American teen girls these days are a little overweight and that this chunky look is freakish and unacceptable. Perhaps overeating is a Barbie backlash. Another interesting example would have to be the 1959 Barbie photo-manipulated to look like the late Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse used to be a chubby girl, until the stress of achieving the thin look of Barbie Doll-like perfection overtook her fragile self-esteem. This leads you to wonder if Amy Winehouse had been at normal weight or slightly overweight, if she would have fallen victim to her fatal collapse? If you think about it, the grilled cheese sandwich eating Barbie is the prelude to the Amy Winehouse Barbie. These Barbie digital art images portray an overarching message that normal women are fat and in order for the world and the media to like them and accept them, they must be skinny little dolls just like Barbie.

Barbie Doll Amy Winehouse

images c/o

The struggle to look thin and beautiful has impacted girls and women for decades. Eating disorder specialists have claimed anorexia became more prevalent after the introduction of the Barbie Doll popularized in the 60’s and 70’s concurrent to the advent of the tall anorexic super model, led by Twiggy, featured in all the top fashion magazines. These cultural phenomena, along with fashion trends which liberated a woman’s body from the confines of clothing, e.g., the mini and micro mini skirts and bikinis, led insecure and vulnerable girls and women to aim for unrealistic twig thin limbs. The pressure to look like a Barbie and be nothing less than Barbie perfect has accelerated through every decade. The Karen Carpenter Barbie Movie is a haunting elegy to one of the early victims who died from complications caused by anorexia, fueled by laxative overdoses, Karen Carpenter, the pop singer from the brother sister duo, The Carpenters. Karen’s life and death was illustrated in an intriguing film, one of the first films to feature Barbie Dolls as characters, titled “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story”. As the film progressed, the filmmaker even shaved the vinyl doll depicting Karen Carpenter… thinner and thinner.

The Karen Carpenter Barbie Movie reenacts the lives of Richard Carpenter and his sister Karen Carpenter along with relatives and record executives. On retrospect, not only the filmmaker, Todd Haynes, but others also felt her anorexia and death were a direct effect from pressure of those around her including the media, pressing her to be thin and glamorous, instead of keeping her natural curvy figure. The film is shot in a grainy black and white style which made it very eerie and disturbing. The film was never released as a feature, because neither Richard Carpenter nor Mattel would have signed off on music or other proprietary rights. The VHS version was taken off of video store shelves in 1990 when the director lost a copyright battle with Richard Carpenter. This film is considered one of the top cult hits in the past three decades. And its message from the 80’s still rings true into today’s culture as many more women fall victim to the stress and false allure of being too thin.

18 May, 2013

In many Asian countries, Asian women are obsessed with Hello Kitty, dressing themselves in Hello Kitty attire, decorating their apartments in Hello Kitty themes and driving cars in Hello Kitty colors accessorized with Hello Kitty items. In America, the Barbie obsession overrides the Hello Kitty obsession, even though emo girls have adopted Hello Kitty as one of their emo themes. In America, when Barbie girls go further than just looking like Barbie Dolls, it’s obvious, they’ve become completely Barbie obsessed.

What does the Barbie obsession entail? This is not the Barbie collector obsession which The Barbie Blog will explore in a future article. This obsession is centered on looking like a Barbie and having everything Barbie. Apartments or homes decorated like Barbie Dream Houses, overuse of the color pink in decorating color schemes and, yes, driving Barbie cars in smaller sizes (VW Beetles, Mini-Coopers, Fiat 500s, soft top Jeeps, as examples) in white or pastel colors, especially pink.

Barbie Obsession

These girls are living the “Barbie Girl” song by Aqua:

“I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

I’m a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world
Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly
You’re my doll, rock’n’roll, feel the glamour in pink…”

barbie obsessed girl

Barbie obsessed women live in a fantasy world where they are a blond Barbie bimbo, “life is (their) creation”, and this life is preferable to living in reality which without their Barbie obsession, would most likely be harsh, bleak and unbearable. Being a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world, keeps them in a perpetual fantasy which can be a precipitous situation. Anything that falls short of their perfect fantasy: a relationship, a job, etc., is abandoned as their Barbie self drives them to seek out the fantasies that fit their Barbie dream world.

19 August, 2012

Looks like the new Barbie went drag! A brand new Barbie doll called “Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie” has debuted, modeled after the cross-dresser and French designer Phillipe Blond and his design partner, known as The Blonds. This collector Drag Queen Barbie Doll has already caused an uproar of epic proportions among Barbie collectors, parents and right-wing conservatives alike. Mattel has supposedly stated that this Barbie Doll is neither a Barbie, nor a Ken dressed up as Barbie. Hmmmm this doll definitely looks like a Barbie! And if this Barbie Doll is supposedly to be a cross-dresser, shouldn’t it be a Ken doll dressed up in drag? Wouldn’t that be more authentic to the Drag Queen look and ethos? Regardless of the controversy, Barbie collectors are buying the Drag Queen Barbie Doll, because of its limited edition status and potential future value on the doll collector’s market. The Drag Queen Barbie is dressed in Blonds signature designer couture from their 2008 collection, specifically a silver bejeweled sparkly mini dress with a white faux fur fuchsia pink lined cape.

Drag Queen Barbie

This cross-dressed Barbie looks like a glamour Barbie, not a glamorous transvestite. The only difference between basic Barbie and Drag Queen Barbie that Barbie experts have pointed out is the doll’s intense eye makeup. And while, theoretically, gender identity issues should be discussed and not suppressed and while harmless passive fetishes should be more mainstream and less freakish, Barbie is essentially known as a toy. And a toy like this could bring up questions of gender identity and fetishism that parents will feel uncomfortable addressing. Articles online quote conservatives spouting off that the Mattel doll is promoting the fetish of cross-dressing and sending a negative message as a toy.

18 August, 2012

All across America and even worldwide, many women aspire to and attempt to look like Barbie Dolls. Typically, Barbie Girls copy the Barbie Doll look from head to toe. Bleached blond hair (plus adding hair extensions), blue contact lenses and / or Barbie eye make-up, lip plumper using colored lip glosses which contain an irritant that swells the lips or Juvederm lip injections, sexy clothes, push-up bras (unless they opt for Barbie sized breast implants), high heels, fake tans, etc. Even more disturbing is that some of these girls become anorexic in an attempt to be as skinny as a Barbie Doll. Others deliberately dumb themselves down, because they think that a doll persona without intelligence is what men crave sexually and otherwise. These girls will refer to themselves as Barbies on dating sites or social networking sites to make a statement and also to attract men attracted to the Barbie Girl type.

Barbie Girls

Barbie Girls will often hang in a clique of other Barbie clones and while they don’t really discuss Barbie Dolls or collect Barbies, they all copy the look of the doll who was one of their major developmental influences when they were growing up. As teens, college girls and beyond, they now embody this doll image, since they feel this is what the current culture defines as desirable. Psychologically, they may be trying to achieve a perma-doll state: a doll never grows up, never ages, never has to take on adult responsibilities. This phenomenon is also known as Barbieism. These Barbie Girls often suffer from low self-esteem and constantly need validation that they are ‘hot’ so they frequently pursue work as club girls, strippers, models, adult film starlets, webcam girls and other jobs where they will be noticed and receive male attention they are desperate for.

18 August, 2012

There are several versions of the Tattoo Barbie which have been popular sellers for Mattel despite the inked controversies. Mattel has gone totally edgy with some of their Barbie Dolls, including the Black Canary Barbie (aka Dominatrix Barbie), Catwoman Barbie in black leatherette with a whip and even newly released Drag Queen Barbie. One Tattoo Barbie, ‘Tokidoki Barbie’, featured multiple Japanese style tattoos and pink hair. This Tattoo Barbie Doll originally sold for $50 and was aimed at the collector market. Now, the ‘Tokidoki Barbie’ values have jumped to at least five to ten times the original price illustrating the value of this particular collector Barbie Doll.

Tattoo Barbie

Harley Davidson Barbie Doll Series

Another edgy Tattoo Barbie was a biker chick Harley Davidson Pink Label Barbie in black bustiere, black jean shorts and pink chaps featuring a signature Harley Davidson wings logo tattoo on her back. One controversy about the Harley Davidson Barbie series was that the Ken dolls were more masculine biker types and not the traditional sexless eunuch Ken dolls. Negative commentary from parents about the Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken dolls focused on the overly sexualized biker Barbies and their rough-look Ken partners.

Tattoo Barbie Harley Davidson

Parents and parent groups have been reactive to every Tattoo Barbie Doll which Mattel has released. Parents have complained that these Barbies are negative role models and encourage tattoos and the pursuit of alternative lifestyles.

Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll Series

The Hard Rock Cafe Barbie series also featured five rocker Barbies, some with tattoos. The most controversial Barbie in this limited series was outfitted in a red marabou boa and black leather pants sporting a leopard tail. This Tattoo Barbie was accessorized with a red guitar and, of course, came with a tattoo. However, the most controversial Tattoo Barbie so far was a Barbie who came with a tattoo kit aimed at the toy market. This Barbie Doll was packaged with a tattoo “gun” which could be used to temporarily tattoo Barbie’s body or anyone playing with the tattoo gun accessory. Parents didn’t like that these Tattoo Barbies and tattoo guns encouraged actual tattooing.