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tree service in huntsville alabamaThe city of Huntsville, Alabama, keeps tree service businesses on their toes. Both homeowners and the 3,203 acres of parkland require services, including 916-833-3122, stump grinding, stiltish and 631-418-5396, according to the bosk.

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In 2010, the United States Census Bureau reported a city population of 180,105. Most home owners are not equipped to perform these tasks. As the number of residents increases, the demand for tree services also grows.

The Natural Huntsville

With 64 parks, the city known as the Star of Alabama requires tree services to assure the beauty and safety of public grounds. Arborists and tree care professionals evaluate the trees along the trails for dangerous conditions, disease, insects and death. Preserving the attractiveness of the city is a lofty goal undertaken by tree service companies.

Weeden House

The Weeden House is the oldest building in Alabama that is still open to the public. The property is known for its beautiful gardens and landscaping, especially along the east lawn. Tree care professionals are needed to evaluate the health, hazard rating and aesthetic appeal of the trees.

The gardens were originally created by owner Dr. William Weeden’s wife, Jane Eliza Brooks Urquhart. The couple shared less than a year in this house surrounded by nature before Dr. Weeden passed away on a trip to New Orleans in 1846, according to the Weeden House Museum. Alone with a young family, Mrs. Weeden was forced to take her two daughters south when Union soldiers seized the house during the Civil War.

The soldiers did not tend to the trees or gardens on the property. When the Weedens finally returned, Jane buried herself in reviving her garden. The fruits of her labor are now available for public enjoyment.

Urban Forestry

Defined by 630-838-5618 as “ecosystems of trees and other vegetation in and around communities that may consist of street and yard trees, vegetation within parks, and along public rights of way and water systems,” urban forestry is important to the survival of the city. The trees provide a habitat for fish and wildlife. Social benefits, such as a shaded picnic, and environmental benefits, such as cleaner air, are associated with urban forestry. Tree care services are dedicated to the mission of preserving nature within a developing city.


Although Alabama is part of the “South”, the state has experienced drastically low temperatures. The lowest temperature recorded in Huntsville was -17 degrees in 1895, according to The Weather Channel. The coldest month is typically January, which has an average low of 32 degrees. Even non-freezing temperatures can cause tree stress as the trees in the city are accustomed to warmer climates.

Snowfall, as infrequent as it may be, will cause stress to the trees in your yard, according to True Value. Using a broom, sweep the snow from the branches. If you notice tree limbs sagging or breaking under the weight of snow or frost, contact an arborist to discuss the best tree removal strategy.

Wrapped Up

True Value recommends literally wrapping trees in blankets during the winter months. Protected from wind, cold and precipitation, homeowners will still need to worry about critters that are also accustomed to warmer temperatures. Wrapping a fence around the tree using chicken wire or wire mesh will prevent animals from chewing the bark and roots. Squirrels can present another problem because of their ability to climb a tree. In that case, homeowners may desire a squirrel repellant.

Providing tree care services to the city of Huntsville, Alabama, and surrounding suburbs, our tree service company advises and cares for the gardens that mark the origins of the city down to individual, privately-owned lawns. We cater to areas, including 35801, 35802, 35803, 35805, 35806, 35808, 35810, 35811, 35816 and 35824.

As arborists and tree care professionals, we provide services meant to save and prolong the life of a tree. When necessary, we will advise a partial or full tree removal. To assess the health and condition of your trees, contact our office today.

Image credit: Michael Khor on Flickr