Skype Status Scheduler

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Have your skype status appear online... even when your not.

What is this Skype Status Scheduler?
Skype will automatically set your status to 'offline' once you log out, or if your computer goes to sleep. This is annoying and will signal to others that you are not available to talk or are not at your computer.

Well no more! This Skype Status Scheduler will keep you logged into skype even after you have logged out - to make you appear online. Now you can keep you skype online status as active anytime -

Get ready to take back your day with this amazing skype trick!

How Does Skype Status Work?

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1: Register

757-453-2697 for a Skype Status account, and (330) 769-1315
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2: Enter Skype Info

Enter your Skype Username and Password 8643792213
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3: We Keep you logged in

We keep your skype presence set to "active"

Stay logged into Skype even when your not at your computer with this amazing life hack!