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“Honey, I want you to dress up like Wonder Woman and tie me up with your golden lasso...”

– something some guy wanted to say but didn’t because he was too nervous
There is a natural deficiency in the communication process between most couples regarding creative intimacy (ie. not missionary in the dark). And rightfully so - it’s not easy to ask for something you’ve wanted to try - it’s intimidating. And a ‘box full of novelties’ is no more a solution to spicing up a relationship than diving into the deep end is to learning how to swim. The irony is that access to said novelties is so easy! I’m pretty sure my cat could figure out how to order a vibrator on an IPhone in 40 seconds. But then you are sitting there. Feeling like you just ordered an Ikea dresser with no directions. And this creme you just rubbed on you is starting to burn. And you're staring at this...giant... thing. That has now begun to move by itself...Oh God.

If only there was a way to make the introduction and communication element of the process effortless, simple, and free of stress.
The solution - take the stress, guilt, judgement, pressure, and planning out of the equation. What if a discreet box could arrive at your door with instructions that allowed you to introduce all kinds of new, exciting scenarios into your lives? Turning fantasy into reality. Minus the awkwardness. Minus the trips to some seedy adult store. Minus the anxiety of bridging some weird topic and facing repercussions.

Every month is a new experience.
Every month is a surprise.
Every month you learn something new about your partner.
Every month your partner learns something about you.
You have fantasies.
Your partner has fantasies.
You have [2 choices].

Ignore them. Or fulfill them.

So what is
The Fantasy

We’ve been called a lot of things.

A romantic getaway. At home.
A sexual B12 shot.
Monogamy insurance.
The Fantasy Box is a subscription service created to provide couples with an effortless way to introduce a new level of fun and communication into their sex lives without stress, guilt, or judgment.
We are a box that arrives at your door filled with an exciting, anticipated, enlightening
date night experience that ALWAYS stays true to three words.
"I can surprise her, or she can surprise me. The Fantasy Box surprises us both."
-Athol Kay, Monogamy Guru, Author, "The Mindful Attraction Plan",
Creator "Married Man Sex Life" Forum/Blog
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how does it work?

Round peg. Round hole.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Flexibility is sexy.


NO committments, order one box - if you like it keep going, if you don’t, cancel.


Change packages at any time from Classic to Platinum, from Platinum to Essentials.
We know life has its ups and downs. And we support the ups and downs. WINK!


Going on vacation? Getting busy at work? Change frequency at ANY TIME.

So what’s in the

We discourage self-tooting.

Why hear it from us when you can hear it from a totally
unbiased, comprehensive, source? Here are links to a few blogger
reviews of examples of each of the first boxes and some of the process:
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Our Monthly Boxes.
Like winning the sexy-time lottery once a month.

A box that fits everyone’s wallet.

Whether you are on a budget or enjoy the finer things in life, we have a service for you. Each package comes with our trademarked Fantasy Box instructions. Consider it like buying a car. You get your choice. Are you in the market for the Camry, the Lexus, or the Bentley?

    • The “essential” components for playing out our trademarked fantasies. Delivered in a pillow box envelope with a few less products.
    • Lingerie, toys, novelties, instruction cards. Some sample sizes (for instance with lubrication/gels)
    • 3-4 products
    • Average retail value
      > $50
  • Classic $59

    • Our flagship product. Delivered in our trademarked Fantasy Box with instruction cards and hidden fantasy.
    • Lingerie, toys, novelties, instruction cards. Full size, high quality products. The original theme - all of the benefits for an amazing value.
    • 4-6 products
    • Average retail value
      > $75
  • PLATINUM $159

    • Our PREMIUM service. Comes with the finest toys, lingerie, etc... on the market along with a few unique fantasies ONLY for Platinum members.
    • The newest toys, the biggest brands- LELO/Jimmy Jane. Amazing lingerie like Bracli Pearl thongs.

      Hand packed, personal concierge service (choose styles, sizes, toy type) value, AMAZING quality!

    • 5-7 products
    • Average retail value
      > $200

Or ...

Themed fantasy bundles. Choose your own adventure.

For our more ‘advanced’ players.

Some couples have the communication thing down and would like to explore a specific
path. Sensuality, bondage, role playing/costumes, or just light and fun. Which is why we
decided to offer a three-box series. Offered in Classic ($199) and Platinum ($499) levels.

So what kinds of ‘fantasies’ do we send?

Columnists, doctors, bloggers, authors, radio personalities, and, most importantly, customers.

Fortunately, there is no ‘season’ for giving the gift of amazing sex.

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Contact Us
(in order of inquiry)

Yes we carry plus sizes.
Yes we ship to Canada.
No we do not send threesomes.

Can I order just one box?

AB-SO-LU-TELY! (Though you would be in the minority) ;) While we are a 'subscription' service and believe the best results come from a relationship that's cultivated over months with your partner (and after you've experienced each of the four themes), we realize that sometimes life gets in the way or it's just not for everyone. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and setting your status to "cancel." Or, if you know you just want one box and to never be billed again, you can enter "ONETIMEBOX" at checkout and your account will be cancelled after the first box. Please note that, with this option, you will pay a premium to the monthly subscription rate.

I'm a Plus-size lady, do you work with lingerie for my figure?

Absolutely! We work with the top brands in plus-size lingerie to bring you the best styles on the market.

When will my box ship?

For orders placed during the first three weeks of the month, we ship within 1-5 business days. You will receive an email on the day your order goes out with a tracking number, and it will also show in your "My Account" tab. However, if you order in the last week of the month, your first box will ship in the beginning of the following month, along with all the recurring customer orders. The reason for this is that, if we shipped you in the last week of the month, you would get a second box a week later (or five weeks later if you are on an every-other-month program). Of course, if you have a specific deadline that you need to receive the box by, just email us at info@thefantasybox.com and we'll do our best to make it happen!

How can I cancel or pause my account?

To cancel an existing subscription, simply log into your account and set your status to "cancel." Should you choose to rejoin, log back in and set it to "active" and you will pick up where you left off! If you would like to 'pause' you account for certain number of months (ie. going on vacation or have a life event, just email us as (518) 874-0425 and let us know what month you would like your subscription to resume at and we'll just set it to resume at the time you choose. :)

Can I return the box if I don’t like it?

Due to the nature of the products we send, we are unable to accept returns on entire boxes or individual products, even if unused.

We have redone the website so that we feel that before you order you have 100% insight into what you are getting into. From pictures of box 1, to video reviews, to blogger reviews, to testimonials. EVEN THEN, if you get box 1 and you are COMPLETELY disappointed with the experience and feel that you were short changed, email us at info@thefantasybox.com and we will make it right. We are 100% committed to customer service and will hear EVERYONE out. That is our “satisfaction guarantee”.

Do you take requests?

Indirectly – YES. On a 1-1 basis unfortunately we can’t fulfill that as of now. But we have made a couple of ‘custom’ fantasies for a few Platinum members on request. But we are SOOOO open to suggestions and if you have a great one, the chances of us doing it are HIGH. And the chances of you getting credit for it and getting it for free are HIGHER. ;) For now you can email them to us, but we're working on a forum and voting process where we'll pick, post, and vote on the best fantasies. You'll not only be able to win prizes for your creativity - but we may make your fantasy a reality!

I am gay, is there a Fantasy Box for me and my partner?

While the current instruction cards are written with "his" and "hers" instructions, we do work with many lesbian couples. The couple decides who will be playing the "his" role that month (and, as with all the fantasies, we suggest you play at least twice so that each person can experience being in control of the experience). If you are a lesbian couple, please let us and we'll make sure we only send you products you can use. :) Unfortunately, we don't currently have an offering for gay male couples. Our research indicated that there wasn't a huge degree of overlap between the fantasies of gay male couples and so a subscription model wasn't the best way to serve the market. We've got something planned, however…so stay tuned! :)

If I sign up for the Classic box, can I switch to Essentials or Platinum and vice versa?

Absolutely – again, we built our service around flexibility. At ANY TIME you can switch to and from ANY of our boxes. From Platinum to Essentials.From Essentials to Classic, and so on. And all boxes are on the same progression so no matter what one you are on, you’ll be on the same fantasy!

Can I change my frequency?

Yes! We know people get busy, go on vacations, etc… If you are on monthly and are getting busy at work or traveling, switch to every-other-month. If you are on every-other-month and feeling the connection, switch to monthly.

When do I get billed?

When you sign up, we bill your card immediately and begin preparing your box. Every month thereafter, we will bill your card on the first of the month. Once we bill you, the boxes go into production and are typically shipped within a few days so cannot be cancelled. So if you need to cancel, please do so before the last day of the month.

Do you charge for shipping?

United States shipping is always free. Canadian shipping is an additional US$20. We can also ship Platinum boxes to international countries for an extra $50-$70, depending on the country. Please email us at (807) 537-4283 for more information.

Can I get The Fantasy Box if I live internationally? What about a DPO?

We ship all our box lines to APO and FPO to foreign countries for standard US rates. Simply go through the regular registration process.

For shipments to Canada, we ship all our box lines but charge an extra US$20 fee for shipping.

For all other international orders, we can only ship Platinum boxes (as part of the concierge service). Additionally, we charge between $50 and $70 in additional shipping, depending on the country, brining the total cost to between $209 and $229 per box. However, you can choose to purchase multiple boxes at a slightly discounted rate and have them shipped in one box together at once. Please email us at info@thefantasybox.com if you are interested.

How do you come up with the Fantasies?

Lots of ways! We source ideas from friends & family (yes, really), focus groups, clients, literature, movies, therapists and sex experts. We have taken those ideas, put our own little twists on them, searched for the perfect products to play them out, and packaged them into a fun, exciting, box you'll receive each month (or every other month). Trust us, our "little black list" of fantasies is over 100 long and growing every day. :)

Does everyone get the same box in the same month?

Nope! Our service is "progressive"- meaning that the experience starts when you start. This way, we can expose you to new themes and gradually push your boundaries. Think of it like learning a new language- nobody wants to jump right to verb conjugation! Our process is designed to help you to discover things each other like, and sometimes don't like, on the way to building communication, closeness, and fun. Additionally, because we know what we've sent you, we never send you products we've sent before (I mean, really, who wants lubricant every month?)

What makes the Fantasy Box different/special?

Think about one of your fantasies- we all have them. Does it simply involve a toy? Probably not. It's a scenario. It can involve anticipation and excitement, romance and trust ,even a little danger or uncertainty. The Fantasy Box is a service that seeks to fulfill those fantasies. While we may not be able to facilitate a few of the crazy ones, we promise we have come up with some stuff you haven't though of - or better yet, HAVE thought of and not yet tried. Just ask us about our twist on the Mile High Club…

The Fantasy Box is much more than simply items in a box- it's a series of 'choreographed' experiences- with each month having a unique theme and instructions for each of you to follow to make it happen. For us, the products- even though they are fantastic- are just the "how." What really matters is what's happening between the two of you…