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CTC Analytics Combi PAL® and HTS PAL for Front-End Automation for LC and GC applications

Founded by the former employees of CHROMSYS® LLC, AUTOSAMPLER GUYS promotes Peak PAL Performance by offering focused support for any standard CTC autosampler, including the HTS, HTC, LC-Mini, Combi PAL, and GC PAL models. AUTOSAMPLER GUYS has been certified by CTC Analytics AG to provide service and support for their PAL products.

The Combi PAL autosampler is able to perform liquid and headspace analysis. Headspace analysis options include Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and ITEX (type of purge and trap).

The HTS PAL autosampler dramatically increases sample throughput by offering automated sample prep, Peltier cooled sample storage using the cooled stack, and low carryover due to the self-cleaning Active Wash Station or the DLW (Dynamic Load and Wash) module and specially coated x-type syringes.


Below you'll find some useful guides on how to use or maintain your CTC PAL autosampler.

CTC PAL Maintenance, Repair &  Troubleshooting  Guide (PDF)
Headspace Analysis – Getting Started (PDF)
Blastoidea (PDF)
940-704-7003 (PDF)


PAL is a registered trademark of CTC Analytics AG | Switzerland.  Autosampler Guys, LLC is not affiliated with CTC Analytics AG or their trademarked product PAL.

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We can offer you:
An open, neutral resource for support of existing PALs (also their OEM name Agilent® 1290 Infinity HTC/HTS, MPS2, MPS3, Perichrom, Thermo Accela Open Autosampler, Waters 777 and others), regardless of original vendor (AB Scienx, Agilent, Alpha MOS, Antek, Brechbuehler, Bruker, Cohesive, Dionex, GE, Gerstel®, GL Sciences, JAS®, Lauda, LEAP Technologies, LECO®, Michrom, Microcal, OI Analytical, PAK, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu®, hermo, Waters, Varian, ZOEX and many others).

Upgrade to the latest xt-type APR control boards, DLW or Active Wash Station, valve modules, cooled stacks etc. (new and refurbished)

Module-exchange-level service for any standard CTC Analytics PAL system

Access to all standard CTC Analytics parts, such as bungee cords (or tension cords), 6 port valves & 10 port valves, cables, MOTIO, APR CPU and APR Control boards, etc.

A selection of premium consumables for the PAL - including PAL-specific syringes (X-type or Hamilton, ILS headspace syringes), 10 and 20mL screw top vials & caps, MTPs

PAL PM kits for annual PAL preventive maintenance

Advanced service training for your in-house staff

Assistance with arranging field service and with new/used system purchases

Pre-incident phone support (payable only if we fix the problem)

Integrated and non-integrated PAL software (sales and support), such as Cycle Composer and Cycle Composer Macro Editor, Agilent Chemstation® CTC Control, Mass Hunter® and EZ-Chrom CTC integration, DataApex Clarity Chromatography Station, Waters Masslynx or Analyst CTC Control software, Chronos, Thermo (Finnegan) XCalibur® and others.