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Serving southern MS and eastern LA

Aaron, Corrin, & “Little” Aaron
Aaron, Corrin, “Little” Aaron, and Rebekah and Daniel (Aaron's brother)

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ISA Certified Arborist
Aaron Mizell SO-6626A

Our Story:

Michael Mizell and his son Aaron officially founded A & M Tree Service in 2008 in Walhalla, South Carolina. Father and son worked together as co-partners for several years. In 2011, Aaron became full owner of the company.

What inspired us to start a tree service business?

A forty-foot tree branch growing over our house needed to be cut down. Using our wits and my dad’s knowledge of the proper rope hitches, we cut the branch with a rope saw. Then we slowly lowered it, using ropes and the tow rings on the front of our truck to create friction.

Our neighbors heard the limb crack and came to investigate what damage had been done. When they heard that we had safely cut and lowered the tree branch without taking our feet off the ground, one of them exclaimed, "You should start a tree service!”

At first, we laughed at the idea. But a few months later we performed our first tree job, armed with a chain saw, a borrowed cable line for pulling over trees, and a come-along.

Why did we become ISA Certified Arborists?

As our business expanded, we bought more equipment, including a bucket truck. The tree jobs that we acquired were sometimes difficult and dangerous. We had learned as much as we could from the local “tree guys” and felt confident in our line of work. We didn’t realize that some of the information we had been given was not fail safe. Thankfully one mishap was enough to help us figure this out!

We contracted a job cutting down a pine tree that extended over a house worth half a million dollars or more. I finished removing the lower limbs and began roping the top of the tree. We secured the line and with everyone ready, I began to cut the top. Everything held together until the top part of the tree jerked on the line, causing it to stretch the rope until it could hold no longer hold the tree’s weight. As if in slow motion the rope snapped, coiling like a snake. I stared horrified as a large upside down “Christmas” tree headed toward the skylights of the mansion.

Breathlessly, we watched as a small branch less than the size of a fist deflected the tree top, causing it to miss the house. We pray before every job, and the only explanation I can offer is that God must have sent an angel to deter that tree. After recovering from my dazed shock, I immediately lowered myself and exited the bucket, knees shaking.

One of the guys who had witnessed the scene commented, “Well, accidents do happen.”

I turned to my dad and said, “If accidents like this are going to happen, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

That week we signed up for hands-on courses on aerial rescue and electrical hazardous training. These courses taught us how to improve our job safety. We completely changed our way of climbing, tree removal, and pruning. We were thankful to learn from others’ expertise, and from people who continue to learn more themselves.

As we continued to learn, we pursued our certification. After many hours of intense study for several months, we passed our certification exam. We continue to study to improve our safety, efficiency, and quality for all our customers.

My dad, being a school teacher and principal for many years, impacted my life by helping me acquire my certification. He also taught me to use my “brains” and “brawn” in work. I am blessed to have a dad who was willing to give up job security in teaching to pursue work that we as a family could do together.

Aaron Mizell lives in Gloster, Mississippi, on forty plus acres that are 5th generation family property. He lives there with his wife Corrin, his son “little” Aaron and daughter Rebekah. His work supports family and missions.