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What's it all about?

Whether you're an unattached golfer or a club member, we have something to offer...


Golfingindex allows golfers who aren't necessarily members of golf clubs to record their golf scores, analyse their game and then possibly obtain and maintain a 'Golfing Index'.

Using your Index you can then compete with others on a level playing field, both socially and in society events.

For a score to count towards your Index it must be verified by a marker - this process is quick and easy.


An Index differs from a handicap in that it is calculated using a formula unique to Golfingindex, removing many of the complexities associated with traditional handicapping systems.

It is not designed to replace or compete with an official handicap issued by your club, regional association or national governing body. It is a calculation intended to cross national borders and uses par at its core, meaning it is universal across the globe.


Maintaining and organising your society is free and easy with Golfingindex.com. You can maintain a list of society members, communicate with them, create single or multi-round trips and produce results.

Golfingindex.com gives you a free online presence, a hub for your society members to communicate.

Society scores automatically count towards your 'Index' without verification, as they are overseen by the organiser.


Golfers love statistics and use them to track strengths or weaknesses in every part of their game.

Using Golfingindex, golfers can monitor their performance and also compare themselves to other users of the system, both through awards and also gross/nett leaderboards for verified rounds played at clubs across the globe.


Golfingindex rewards you with badges and milestones for things you achieve using the system. This allows you to compare yourself to others and to monitor your own progress.

Some examples of awards you can obtain are:

  • New Course Played
  • Course Record (Gross and Nett)
  • Society Trip Round Winner
  • Round in a New Country

There are many more awards and milestones - some are a secret too until you unlock them!


If you're interested in the benefits of Golfingindex and you'd like to set up an account, registering is easy and best of all, it costs nothing! Society organisers can invite as many members to the system as they like and individual golfers can add playing partners to verify their score. Why not give it a try?