I Know How To Pull $50 Bills Out Of The Air – Do You?

There is something really beautiful in this life – Education.

The gift of learning and retaining information has allowed mankind to do things that were “impossible” just a few years earlier. Who would have thought; we went to the moon, harnessed nuclear power, and invented digital currencies – just because we felt like it.

None of these concepts were even a twinkle in the eye of possibility 100 years ago. How did mankind do these things (besides a little divine intervention)? WE LEARNED, WE ADAPTED, WE GREW.

Fast forward to today – this moment in time when you are reading this post.

I’m going to venture to say you haven’t made your millions, and you’re not quite where you want to be in life. Maybe it’s your job or money problems. Sad to say, but most of America is right there with you and we have been for a while.


It seems strange that a human race that has been blessed with such great gifts and minds has not figured out how the common man can “Change his stars”.

If it seems strange, you’re right – it is strange.

It’s also untrue.

We have known for years how the common man can rise up in this world – and it’s not that hard or complex.


Why would anybody tell you? You didn’t ask.

Fifty Dollars

If my wife said, “Scott I need $50 for dinner with the girls, but I don’t want our bank or investment balances to go down”, I would say, “Okay I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

Shortly after, I would hand her the debit card to our investment account and tell her to have fun.

How is that possible?

EDUCATION – I know how to do it – you don’t.

I’m not talking about school education. I’m talking about financial education – real financial education. Not the crap your Financial Advisor at Such and Such and Sons told you.

And it’s not your college professor either.

I have an MBA in Business and Management. I learned in-depth information about money, investing, finance, and accounting.

Strange – it didn’t teach me a thing about pulling $50 bills out of thin air. In fact, it didn’t teach me how to be a good leader either – that was experience and failure. But that’s a different topic for a different time.

School will not teach you how to thrive in life – it just won’t.

Do you want to know how I learned to pull $50 dollar bills out of thin air?

I looked, I searched, I messed up, I recovered, and I found someone who was already doing it. I learned from him how to start myself on the right path – but it doesn’t end there.

Pulling $50 bills out of thin air is a great and profitable skill, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many things out there that we don’t know about finance.

Things we don’t know that we don’t know.

The goodness is that there is someone out there who knows the answer to any question you have about really making money. Chances are – they also know the things that you didn’t know to ask as well.

You just have to find them and ask your question.

Go ask your question.

Scott Unruh

PS – if you want to learn how to pull $50 dollar bills out of the air, leave a comment or message me – I’ll be happy to tell you.


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Your School – they must have forgotten the times we live in. They must have forgotten about the American Dream. They must have forgotten what is important in life. They must have forgotten what every American will have to deal with in life.

That must be it, right? They just “Forgot”?

Our education system has always been under-qualified to teach our children about life. But to be fair, how could schools be qualified?

They cannot pay for experts to teach the topics people face in real life. Instead they thrust a ridiculous curriculum upon already over-stressed and underpaid teachers to teach topics they don’t have a mastery in.

As a result, schools have completely missed the point when it comes to making our children ready for the real world. So let’s ask ourselves:

What does every person face when real life comes knocking?


What did you learn about tax in school? Maybe how to add sales tax to the end of a purchase…sorry that’s not what I’m talking about here. I speak of how to minimize the tax you pay to the government and how to maximize your tax benefits.

Oh wait, why would government run schools teach our children how to pay the government less taxes?


This is a very complex topic but one that we all face. Did you hear about it at all in school? Do we tell our children that when they buy a car or a home or significant property that you have to pay for insurance as well? Do we show our children how to leverage insurance plans to create free-flowing cash – TAX FREE?

No we don’t.

“Insurance is just one of those necessary evils in case we burn our house down or whack someone with our car.”

Insurance is so much more than that. It is peace of mind. When you live life not worried about being able to make ends meet if you are injured or killed, you have so much more room for productivity. Insurance can also shelter your money from taxes when done properly.

Oh yeah, why would government run schools teach our children how to pay the government less taxes?

Real Estate

Every person needs a place to live. Most people will purchase a home at some point in their lives. What do our schools teach children about mortgages, specials, property tax, negotiations, financing, maintenance, HOA fees, utilities, etc?

They definitely don’t teach about real estate as an investment or a business…

My bad, they do teach something about real estate. They teach that our home is the biggest investment asset most of us will ever have.

A mortgage is the largest cost most of us have to pay each month…how can we call that an asset? Your home is most likely the biggest liability you have!

Real estate is only an asset when the property makes you money. Namely, rental property.

Do you know the interesting thing about investing in rental property? It’s barely taxed at all when structured properly.

That’s right, I “FORGOT”. Why would government run schools teach our children how to pay the government less taxes?


More recently there has been some movement in this department. Schools now teach kids how to guess at some stocks, pretend to buy them, and see if they win or lose against their classmates.

Honestly that’s a little better than it was, but SO far off the mark. They mostly assume everyone will get a 401k with the company they work for and live happily ever after at age 59 ½ when it has grown its 5% yearly average. They miss completely the investments that actually make people wealthy and lower their taxes.

Why wouldn’t our schools teach how bad of an investment 401k’s are? Why don’t they teach how much of a gimmick and a tax trap they are?

Do you see a pattern yet? Why would government run schools teach our children how to pay the government less taxes?


America is changing rapidly. With advances in technology and the standard laborer jobs getting phased out, it is vital for people to be more entrepreneurial – YOU must reinvigorate the AMERICAN DREAM.

America was founded by entrepreneurs. Somewhere along the way we have been perverted into this lazy, secular, drone society.

What do our schools teach when it comes to business? They teach you how to become a great employee. And why wouldn’t they? Great employees pay more taxes. Businesses pay less taxes.


Don’t be discouraged, change is coming.

Specialized schools are starting to pop up here and there that teach business, investing, real estate, taxes, insurance, and how to use them to your advantage. The ball has started rolling slightly but still has a long way to go.

As a result, you have a job to do.


The schools aren’t going to do it for you.

There are a lot of great resources out there for financial education. I have and do use resources from all of these people. I am not affiliated with any of these people or businesses at the time of this writing.

Reducing Taxes – Tom Wheelwright

8439977869 – Andy Tanner (teaches my main investment strategy – Selling Options)

4016454378 – Garrett Gunderson

Amazon Business – Amazing Selling Machine (Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback)

8478123286 – Ken McElroy

229-808-3876 – Anik Singal

(608) 755-1267 – Wealthy Affiliate

888-803-1297 – Victor Pride


Your School Forgot – We Remembered

Scott Unruh

Millennials – Time to Kick It in Gear

Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of…

I started watching this video expecting something different, but was very pleased with the message – actually got more out of it than the title suggests. Very eye opening.

Simon hits it right on the head with why our generation (Millennials) are, do, and feel the way that we do. Best 16 minutes I’ve spent today.

I am a millennial leader and I’m interested to see what happens as more and more Millennials try to get into leadership roles. I have been very blessed to have mentors from previous generations that have taught me the language and style of non-millennials in leadership and business. That has helped me to get to the point of having 60 employees report to me and my peers wondering how the heck I did it. Simon is so right in this – it’s the little things; the relationships with people, the soft skills, the PATIENCE.

Most millennials don’t know the language or style and often don’t care to learn it. It’s scary.

During this transitional period between generations, we as leaders and mentors need to help nudge millennials to learn the language and the style of business and leadership. It’s tough to break cultural norms, but it’s what we need to do as a society.

What do you think?

 Scott Unruh


Christians observe a period of time called Lent. It is the 40 days leading up to Easter in which we sacrifice and fast to grow closer to God.

Lent is one of those times that many Christians despise. We have to give something up for 40 days, so we typically will give up something easy like soda or candy. Then the weak willed ones will use Sundays as “cheat days”. On top of that they let all of their friends know that they gave up chocolate and it is just really hard.

Been there. Done that. But I didn’t get the hat…or T-shirt…or anything really.

What is the point of this sacrifice if our hearts aren’t in it- and then we have a “Sunday Cheat Day”?

Sacrifice is so very important for our lives and our growth – spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Sacrifice needs to be consistent and deliberate. It needs to become a way of life.

Until we are truly willing to give of ourselves and sacrifice, we are missing key elements that will both bring us closer to our creator and others – and ultimately make us successful in life.

Scott – is giving up candy or soda for 40 days going to make us better people?

No, it’s not – at least not if your heart’s not in it. While giving up candy or soda is still a sacrifice, it is missing the point of Lent and sacrifice in general. Sacrifice is not meant to be an empty gesture. “I have to give up something for Lent…I’ll just do candy again this year.”

When your sacrifice is an empty gesture such as this, you tend to see people binge on Fat Tuesday, then binge again after Lent – making them worse off than they were before!

Sacrifice is meant to build us up as people while serving God and others. It gives us strength. It teaches us. It clears away the will to do things not in our best interest.

For example:

One year I gave up soda for Lent. I was in my Mountain Dew phase and I drank a lot of it. I let everyone know I was giving it up – nobody thought I could. On Fat Tuesday I drank 4 or 5 Mountain Dews – as if that was going to help me bridge the gap.

Lent started. At first it was difficult. Then it was really difficult, but I stuck with it. Lent was drawing to a close and I had been successful thus far. My friends were impressed that I had done so well.

I liked the attention and just to show how extreme I was I decided to give it up until after all of my classes were complete for the summer. That year it added about 40 more days to my fast. It was difficult but I did it.

Promptly after my last class before summer break, my friend Nathan and I went to Taco Bell to grab lunch and the coveted Mountain Dew! I took a drink and it burned! It used to go down so smooth, but I didn’t care I drank it down anyways. I wanted the feeling and the comfort it gave me again so I didn’t mind. Afterward I picked right back up where I started, drinking entirely too much Mountain Dew.

What did I gain from this experience? I sacrificed and it was hard, but did I gain anything? Not really. Did it bring me closer to God? Maybe a little – but my head was not in the right place to make it stick.

What I had done was equivalent to a guy who just went 3 months without smoking and then smoked a carton of cigarettes to celebrate. What I had just done is the exact same thing as giving up soda for a month, or a week, or a day and then getting right back to it. I had not made a change.

I had just done the same thing most everyone else does during Lent.

Lent is not about short gains. Lent is not about suffering. Lent is not a contest to see how tough you are. Lent is about making a change towards Christ. About re-dedicating your life to Him. It is about taking permanent steps forward in holiness and casting away the chains that bind you to sin.

I gave up drinking soda at a different point in my life. This time it had nothing to do with Lent. I was having health problems and was feeling terrible ALL the time. Aches and pains, soreness, pain in my organs, inflammation in my joints, doctor visits – what was wrong with me?

I was 23 years old. I was in good shape. But I was unhealthy.

After much research I found the source of my issues – my poor diet. Among other things, I learned just how bad soda can be for the body. So cold turkey I quit drinking soda. It was tough at first, but then I didn’t even want it anymore. Why would I want something that was hurting me? After a few months of not even wanting a soda, I tried a Coke – it was disgusting! It even gave me a headache!

I saw then, what I used to be and what I had become. I was a slave to sugar, and all around bad nutrition. I was a slave to something that was hurting my body and threatening my health. I was no better than a drug addict. How could I do such a thing to my body?

Why do we do the same thing to our soul?

Lent is not about giving something up so you will suffer. Lent is not really even about suffering.

Lent is about nourishing the soul and making it healthy again. It is about making a change to be closer to God – yes it can involve restraint and it’s not always pleasant – but that’s not the focus. God doesn’t want you to suffer, He wants you to love Him.

Unfortunately man in our sinful way has made a norm out of sin which hurts our soul and our relationship with God. Just the same as soda and bad diet hurts our body and health.

What sins are hurting your relationship with God? What is your spiritual Mountain Dew or your spiritual Twinkie that tastes so good but is hurting your soul?

This Lent focus on that. Not because you need to suffer. Not because God doesn’t like it. Do it because sin is hurting your soul and your relationship with God.

If your heart’s in it, then 40 days later you will look at yourself and see the better person you have become.


Daytime TV – Festival of Insecurity

I have rarely before seen greater insecurity than I saw in 5 minutes of the Steve Harvey show. Insecurity is what is dive-bombing this nation into a bunch of limp-wristed and godless cattle waiting for the slaughter. We need better.

I was about to sit down to feed my 5 month old son and turned on the TV since there isn’t really much you can do while feeding a baby besides make goo-goo ga-ga faces, watch TV, or rest your eyes for a few minutes thinking. I was all goo-goo ga-ga’d out and didn’t want to think about the stomach bug I was still getting over so I turned on the tube.

The Steve Harvey show had just started and the remote was in a different seat than I was sitting so I just left it. The show started with a segment called “Ask Steve” Three women stood up and asked questions (the only men in the studio were Steve and the cameramen). Two of them just made me want to scream.

The first woman from the audience had a microphone and said, “Steve, I’m very outgoing and have a lot of friends. My sister is not very outgoing and was going to a party and asked to borrow one of my friends. Ever since then they have started hanging out and spending a lot of time together. Then last week she just asked if she could borrow another one of my friends. Steve, I’m a single woman and I don’t want to wind up without friends.  I don’t want her taking my friends anymore. What should I do?”

It was obvious these “friends” she was speaking about were men she was seeing.

Lady, if you don’t want your sister to date your boy toys you probably shouldn’t offer to lend them out in the first place. Better yet, choose one guy to make more than just a friend. If you like them so much, make one of them your boyfriend and tell the other ones to get lost. Make a commitment. Please.

People are so afraid to make commitments in this day and age. They are so afraid of not being free anymore, of not getting to do what they want to do, of only living for themselves.

That’s called selfishness, and it’s a lie. I have never felt so accomplished and free as the days when I married my wife and held my newborn son in my arms for the first time. Sure commitments take work. My wife and I don’t agree sometimes. My son fills a mean diaper. It hasn’t changed me from being the person I want to be.

Freedom is not the absence of work – that’s called laziness

Commitment is not a sentence of servitude or a loss of freedom – that’s called slavery

In fact, freedom is both a product and a cause of commitment. Commitment creates freedom, and freedom inspires commitment. They are bred from each other. In order to attain freedom and truly be able to do whatever you want in this life, you must commit to it – whatever “it” is. Maybe a business or a career direction – you have to commit to attain freedom.

Conversely, freedom will inspire continued commitment to any worthwhile cause.

Commitment is freedom is commitment.

The second woman just made me sick.

Her question/statement went like this: “Hi Steve, my husband and I are the proud parents of a fur-baby and my husband likes to take him out for walks” Steve stopped her right there to ask what the hell a fur-baby was then let her proceed after finding out it was a little yappie dog that people call their child. “Clark (the dog) is a chick magnet and my husband likes the attention walking Clark gets him. What should I do? Should I make him stop walking the dog?”

It took me a while to remove the palm of my hand from my face.

Lady, are you so insecure that you think your husband is cheating on you by using your “fur-baby” to attract ladies? Have you tried talking to him about it? Or when you run through the scenario in your head does it just seem crazy? If it seems crazy it probably is.

How about you fill the void of attention that he is seeking – be a wife to him.

When people are paranoid about something involving other people – it’s almost always involving something that the paranoid person did incorrectly or didn’t do when they should have. In this case the wife hasn’t given attention to her husband so she’s paranoid that he’s getting it elsewhere.

When I was paranoid in my teenage years about girls going with other guys, its because I was too clingy and scared them off – I caused that insecurity.

When I have been paranoid that I am sick, it’s because I sought answers from known doom and gloom websites like WebMD – I caused that insecurity.

When I have been paranoid that I was going to get yelled at at work because I didn’t punish one of my employees, it’s because I was a wuss and didn’t want to initiate the confrontation – I caused that insecurity.

Our insecurities are a product of our minds and culture melded together into a ball of inaction and self-hate. The terrible thing is that insecurity forces us to seek security in all the wrong things. Sometimes it’s an abusive relationship, or Daytime TV shows, or drugs, or even in little “fur babies.”

People, insecurity is taking our nation to its knees. The total lack of faith in God and the fear that everyone’s out to screw us over is killing us. Even worse – we are too afraid to make a stand against it – it’s not politically correct to do so.

I challenge you to take a stand. Next time you see someone being insecure about something – shake them, preach to them, do something to wake them up. Insecurity is what invites evil and all the negative things into a culture of fear. Let’s kick it out.

In Review:

  • Insecurity creates a culture of fear
  • Commitment is freedom is commitment
  • Paranoia and insecurity are always brought on by something we have done or neglected to do.

Action Items:

  • What are you paranoid or insecure about? Drill down to the reason you are paranoid or insecure. Face it, make it right, and get it past you.
  • Is there something you believe in deeply that you have not committed to? If so, make a commitment to yourself that you are going to achieve it – then go get it.


All the best,







“Action Isn’t Just the Effect of Motivation, It’s Also the Cause of It.” – Mark Manson

In Mark Manson’s book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark gives us the title quote. “Action isn’t jut the effect of motivation, it’s also the cause of it.”

What does that mean?

If you haven’t read the book – I highly recommend reading it – Mark tells us to decide what is actually important to us and to take action. Weed out those things that distract us from being and doing what we want and FOCUS on what you want to be and do.

The average American has so much stimulation and distraction in so many different areas, we just run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Mark tells us that we only have so many “F*cks” to give, so we have to decide where to give them. We have to say “NO” to things that aren’t in line with our “F*cks.” Once we decide where we want to give our “F*cks”, we have to take action on them.

Just recently I turned down an opportunity to join a strong upcoming country rock band that my friend is in. The Adam Capps Band, is going to make it far. They have an excellent full length album, and I’m not a country fan so that’s saying something. They also have a national audience. Adam is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and takes action to get it. They were in need of a bassist – I’ve been a bassist for 14 years – but my desire is no longer to make it big in music. The mental commitment, the “F*cks” I would have to give would be great in number. I would have to sacrifice my purpose to fulfill someone else’s purpose. That just wasn’t going to work for me. Besides that I’m already in a rock band that I enjoy.

Years ago – I was dead set that music was my purpose in life. Since then life has taken me in a different direction and a new purpose has been born – to be the messenger and to inspire people to become the best version of themselves possible and to live their purpose. Not many things bring me greater joy than to stand in front of a room of people and teach them a new concept – then to see it click and the lightbulb turn on.

Action, as defined by Google, is: “the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.”

Great. We decide we want to lose 10 pounds, so we’re going to get up at 4:00am every day and go for a run. We have our plan and we go to bed determined to win.

The next morning rolls around and, 6 snooze button smashes later, it is 4:54 and you’ve burned your shot at a run this morning – “I’ll do better tomorrow, I just wasn’t motived this morning,” you say. The next morning rolls around and the same thing happens.

In a recent blog post on Bold and Determined, Victor Pride cites Newton’s Law of Motion: “An object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.”

The hardest part of anything worthwhile is getting started, getting the momentum going, getting into motion. It is downright difficult, especially if what you intend to do requires hard work or sacrifice without immediate gratification.

It’s going to suck – do it anyway.

After you start doing what you say you are going to do, something magical happens – your commitments start to suck less.

When I started writing it was a train wreck. I would get home from work and with the intention to write I would sit at the computer – nothing came out. There were too many distractions – crappy day at work, TV was on, baby was crying, hunger was stabbing my gut. So naturally I would get 2 sentences written and say screw it, I’ll get it tomorrow. Tomorrow came and went – nothing got written.

Then I decided, “I’m going to get up at 4:00 every morning and write for an hour. My goal is 300 words.” I got up, even though it sucked and I was tired. Day 1 I got 500 words, and to my great surprise, it wasn’t all that difficult. There weren’t any distractions – no baby crying, no TV, my wife was still asleep, there hadn’t been anything stealing my attention yet that day. It was just me in the dark with my computer and my coffee – and a cat in my lap sometimes. I was pretty pumped about that. Last time I had written 500 words in one sitting had been months ago. I went to bed that night excited about what I had done that morning.

Day 2 I got up – it still sucked – but I got 700 words! I could see a pattern emerging. Day 3 – 800 words. I had never been so excited about writing in my life! Day 4 I hit the 1000 word mark – that really struck a chord with me. The last time I had written 1000 words in one day – let alone 1 hour – was when I was writing a panic filled essay for a college final years before. Ever since that point I go to bed excited about waking up at 4:00 to have my quiet writing time.

Funny how that works. There is nothing fun or desirable about getting up at 4:00am and being tired at 8:00pm, yet I gained momentum, I started the motion. Once the motion starts, and you are consistent, you start to get into a routine. Then habits form. Then you get to a point where you feel strange if you don’t do it. And hitting the 1000 word mark? Ridiculously easy now.

This is how you do anything worthwhile. Just start. Stop screwing around with planning every detail of how you’re going to do it; just start.

Back to Mark’s statement:

“Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, it’s also the cause of it.”

Have you ever noticed when you decide to start going to the gym, the first week or two is terribly difficult to get motivated to go, but once you are there you are glad you went?

DOING requires the mental AND the physical. You can tell yourself you’re going to get ripped, but unless you actually DO it, you’re just living in a dream world.

Motivation is like fuel in your car. Just because it has gas in the tank does not mean it’s going anywhere. Action is you stepping on the gas pedal. Your action gets you started, and your motivation allows you to keep going. But on the other hand, if you don’t have fuel in the tank you can smash the gas pedal all you want and you’re not going anywhere. Action and motivation go hand in hand. They cause each other. The motivation to do something entices the action. The action in return charges the motivation. Success requires both – if you’re missing one element success cannot happen

In Review:

  • Prioritize what is important – where you give your “F*cks.” Your time and attention are limited so you must say “NO” to some things – even if they seem like great opportunities.
  • Action and motivation are a cause and effect of one another. You must have both to succeed.
  • Action sucks until you actually start and get into a routine – then it becomes enjoyable.
    • Bonus: If you take actions in the direction of your passions you become ultra-productive.

Action Items

  • What are 3 things that will improve your life greatly? Choose the easiest one and start doing it. I guarantee it won’t be fun at first. Just do it, consistently and every day for 3 weeks. Get into a routine. Habits form after 21 days. If you do this consistently, honestly, and to the best of your ability, I promise after a month you will see a radical change in your life.
  • Look at the things that take your time in life. Write them out. Make it your goal to say “NO” to 1/4 of them. (Saying no to God, family, or work is not a good idea). Focus your time on the other pieces of your life that you didn’t say “NO” to. You will be amazed at how much time you have available.