Your personal omnivore IoT animal!

A brain based automation/monitoring/alerting/dashboard framework for an IoT world.

So, what can I do with this?

Many things...

Essentially Tumbler is a solution in search of a problem...
It comes to you as a single open-source cross-platform executable.
It's all self contained - it's a portable App.
Once booted you can turn it into anything - check the examples.

How? All you need to do is feed the monster with .brains

How does it work?

It's about Neurons which respond to Triggers.
Neurons listen for one or multiple Triggers. If a matching Trigger occurs then the Neuron is executed. During the execution of a Neuron a new Trigger can be issued, which will result other Neurons being executed ...
Actions can do anything you like (as long as no laws of nature are violated). The first trigger(s) fired are bootsequence-*. State is kept in so called Tumbler variables and Tumbler objects. Anyhow, it's all much better explained here ... 208-780-2158

Including secure Web portal!

The IoT shall be secure or it shall not be. Tumbler includes a secure webserver (/...) + autorization framework which protects your system form any undesired access from the Internet.
Tumbler delivers a flexible dashboard/portal system and provides full introspection through the webinterface.

Full source code + IDE comes with the executable!

Use the unpack command and behold ...
Surprise! There you have the Tcl/Tk source code!
Change code and re-pack -> Your new application is ready!

./tooptk-20151122-231104-r381-trunk.tclkit-8.6.3-raspbian-arm unpack

"Use .brains, create .brains, share .brains!"

If you share, we all win...
Join the community.

Pricing Tables.

If you are interested give it a try for free,
and if it's worth it ... pay the standard fee!



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  • Development @ 99 €/hour

What People Are Saying.

  • I have been fooling around to set-up a small system to detect if my chickens have laid an egg. The mechanics/electronics are done, but countless hours I spent on hacking with scripts on the RPi.
    Today I use a single .tumbler file, and I get an email when the chicken lays an egg!

    Steve Jobs
  • John is a tinkerer, to show-off to his team, he has created a KPI dashboard. Office activity is now monitored and displayed. cups, sound levels, git commits, emails/hour...

    Mr. Adobe
  • Tim owns several cloud servers, are they still up? Tumbler will warn Tim when vital alert levels are reached!

    Mr. T
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