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Unknown Language Notes (shadowsword#0179)
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How to make a Psi Ball (WikiHow)
Sacred Geometry taught in a Donald Duck Cartoon (YouTube)
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Hypercubes, starting from Dimension 0 to Dimension 6 (YouTube)
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains a Tesseract (YouTube)
A Unified Theory of the Paranormal (YouTube)
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Sigilscribe: Sigil Generator
Telekinesis in Action (YouTube)
Edison De Ocera, Telekinesis (YouTube)
Astral Travelling Problems (YouTube)
Kyron: Akashic Record (YouTube)
The Spiritual Awakening Process (Victor Oddo) (YouTube)
7 Chakras explained through Avatar the Last Airbender (YouTube)
Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience (Robert A Monroe) (Torrent)

Tournament Guideline for Sparring Etiquette 2019
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Main topic includes Occult/Psionics/Psychics/Shamanism/Spirituality/Etc., also a place to chill, learn things, practice, talk about technology, science, history, and gaming

Few of these documents have had warning labels placed upon them. They may be considered dangerous if the knowledge is misused and abused. One may only speculate that the warnings have been placed there for the following reasons may/not include:
Too advanced.
Educational purposes only.
Proceed with caution.
Can damage your karma.
A tertiary party has recommended placing a warning on the document.

This is a private library/archive, from data collected within the public domain. Individual files subjected to (C) Original Author. No content was paid for nor were these with the intent to be redistributed in an intentionally unlawful manner. This library/archive has been created to act as a preservation to the original content that was seeded publicly over the internet. If there are Q/C/C, or you wish to contribute to this archive; message me at shadowsword#0179 on Discord.

Some Google Document links listed here may change their access permissions.

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Some directories in the library were shifted around. While there is no shortage of content, you may not be able to find the item via the same URL. If you know the name of the item you wish to view, there is still a custom search engine at the bottom of the page.

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2019 Global Summer Psionic Combat Tournament Info Document

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