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What is geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical information to various media such as news articles, websites or social media posts. Geotagged information can be used to find location-based resources or personalize content feeds and notifications. Geotagging simply means to connect digital content or resources to the real world.

Why geotag?

Because location matters.
It's not a question of if, it's simply a question of how close.

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Who can geotag?

Anyone producing digital content relevant to geographic locations will benefit from geotagging. News publishers, website content managers, bloggers, social media plattforms. It doesn't matter if you're writing about politics at the global level, local news stories at city or neighborhood level, or if you're blogging about the street light pole outside your apartment.

How does it work?

Our solution works as a plug-in to your CMS. It's built to be CMS independent and works on all browser-based content production platforms. Installation only takes a few minutes and is as simple as inserting a few lines of JavaScript into your CMS.

As text is typed it is geoparsed in real-time and location tags are suggested. The author can pick one or multiple location tags by a few clicks. Suggestions will include geolocation coordinates, geofences, sets of locations, routes and polygons. Default values (such as the size of a geofence) are set based on location types and how the location is mentioned in the text.

Our solution combines stat-of-the-art natural language technology, an out-of-this-world user interface, and a seamless service integration. Don't take our word for it, try it out.


Start typing some text in the textarea below or pick one of the examples from the menu. Pay attention to the pin icon below the text box. As text is typed, it will suggest location tags.

  • I was born in Springfield
  • Missing boy in Florida
  • Unesco's World Heritage
  • Boston marathon
  • Natural disaster in Buffalo
I was born in Springfield and grew up in Boston.
Police in Florida are looking for a 10-year-old boy who was last seen in the back seat of a car that was later carjacked. Authorities at the Broward County sheriff's office say that Louis Gonzalez was with his stepfather when his stepfather was forced out of the car by an armed suspect. Another suspect was also at the scene at the time of the crime. Both suspects were males. Gonzalez's stepfather had just came from the area bank. The car was hijacked at about 12:40 p.m. today at the corner of Andrews Avenue & McNab Road in Pompano Beach, Florida. An Amber Alert has been issued for the boy.
Unesco's World Heritage Committee inscribed 21 new sites into the World Heritage list on Wednesday, during the 34th session of the committee's meeting in Brasilia, Brazil under the Chairmanship of the Minister of Culture of Brazil, João Luiz da Silva Ferreira. Three countries had sites added to the list for the first time: Tajikistan, Kiribati, and Marshall Islands. The Committee added four sites to the World Heritage in Danger list, including the Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral, both in Georgia. The Galapagos (Ecuador) were removed from this list. Some of the newly included World Heritages are: Papahānaumokuākea (United States), el Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (Mexico), and São Francisco square (Brazil). Unesco World Heritage sites have special cultural or physical significance as a place or region. Unesco conserves, names, and catalogues these sites for the common heritage of humanity. Italy ranks as the country with the most World Heritage sites, having 45 in total.
Cambridge, Massachusetts — Catherine Ndereba won her fourth Boston marathon yesterday, making her the first woman to do so. The Kenyan trailed for the first 20 miles of the race, before passing Elfenesh Alemu at the top of Heartbreak Hill in Newton. Though the 26.2 mile race takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, it has been dominated by Kenyan and Ethiopian runners for approximately the last ten years. Emily Levan of Wiscasset, Maine, was the first American woman to finish, placing twelfth in 2:43:14. Levan was also 12th in the 2003 Boston Marathon.
Hundreds of trees in Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs Amherst and Tonawanda are severely damaged and in many cases have to be cut down completely. Erie County has been declared a natural disaster area and the Mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown said in a press conference yesterday that the city and county will file several applications for federal aid and assistance with FEMA.
Flooding possible
A flood watch still remains in effect for much of the region, as melting snow pack is causing storm drains to over flow, and debris from trees is causing some drains to clog completely making many inaccessible to city workers. Delaware Park, located near the Albright Knox Art Gallery, is nearly flooded as the banks of Hoyt Lake are beginning to over flow. City workers are working to clear debris from a main storm drain near the overpass next to the intersection of Delaware and Forest Avenues.
Spoiled food
A local business, the Lexington Co-op on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo had to throw out nearly every perishable good in the store after being without power for almost 2 days. During the late afternoon on October 14, the Co-op acquired a generator which is currently supplying the entire store with electricity, but power itself has not yet been restored.
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