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  • Consulting helps you rise above the day to day to help you reach your strategic goals

    IT Consulting

    Gain a new perspective, the expertise and time to get things done.

  • Training offers IT professionals and developers with professional training.


    Knowledge sharing training program on fundamental and technical analysis.

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Design marketing strategies to attract top talent.

About Us

Who we are?

We provide employers with a full-service solution for attracting, recruiting, hiring and retaining the talent they need to meet their goals while also complying with OFCCP regulations.

We provide job seekers with a fully-accessible career portal and connections to various employment resources. We Provide services for Fortune 500 and CMM level Companies.

We remind our students ' Give your best during training and leave the 'landing a job' part to us. We knew the right doors and our timing was impeccable.


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The e-World has created innumerable opportunities for organizations to exploit their core business competencies by transforming their technology infrastructure from business to e-Business. It is imperative that organizations define the right strategy, adopt a viable business model, and choose wisely among the varied technology options.