Email Tracking Software Will Boost Your Sales Team’s Efficiency

We’re offering a system used by above 90,000 to boost their sales team’s efficiency and enhancement of their client’s communication with effective follow-up. Now things are easier for efficient sales because you can track opened emails with the just installation of a plugin.

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How to Track an Email Once We Hit Send?

If I’ve clicked the button send how could I track my email? This is a common question asked by the sales person because they were unable to collect the states related to their email whether they are being noticed by the prospect or not? But now all valued states can be collected easily to identify the outcomes of sales strategies.


Email Tracking Software for Optimization of Team’s Efforts

Now it is not difficult to track the productivity and strategy of your sales team that are specially required for improvement from initial to the last step. Once the lacking point is reported things, plans and approaches could be modified accordingly, therefore, it has become our key concern to optimize whole team’s efficiency.

Start Tracking Today with Free Email Tracking Software

We’re offing you a plugin to efficiently track Gmail email by downloading and installing an extension. Along with Gmail, outlook email tracking plugin is also available for your facilitation with one extension for Microsoft outlook or other is for web based outlook linked to your Hotmail and MSN accounts.

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