What is JotsClub?

Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At JotsClub we wanted to change how the world sees the concept of shipping by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust.

JotsClub originated from “johnny on the spot” (Jots). Greg Gutierrez, founder, needed some templates delivered to Abilene, TX from Amarillo, TX. He did not have the time to leave his office and deliver it himself, and overnight companies couldn’t get it there within the 5 hours needed at a reasonable cost. Thus, the concept of JotsClub was born from the thought of, “surely there are people driving to (or thru) Abilene today from the Amarillo area that could take these templates with them, and I would be more than willing to pay them to deliver it.” For an employee to stop what they are doing and drive that distance to Abilene is very costly to a company; take into the consideration the mileage cost, plus the hourly cost of the employee, and lost revenues generated. To Abilene and back is 580 miles. The mileage cost (using the IRS standard mileage rate of .535) is $310, and the hourly rate of a sales person can be as high as $40/hour. It takes approximately 8.5 hours to drive to Abilene and back, and that is an employee cost of $340. That is a total of $650 to have a salesman/employee deliver the templates. A JotsClub driver could be paid $200 (or more) to take them, and that is a savings to the company of $450 not including the additional revenues the employee could have been making not having to do the delivery – freeing them up to keep making money! The JotsClub driver was going to Abilene anyways and they picked up an extra $200 to do as they please with it!

Many App companies in this line of work keep up to 25% of revenues a driver earns – whether taxiing people around or making deliveries. The nice thing about the JotsClub App is the driver keeps 100% of what they make. The small monthly subscription fee of $4.99 can be made back with one delivery, or can be recaptured in using a JotsClub driver to deliver a package. For example, a JotsClub driver receives $1000 in a month of deliveries. Their cost for that month was the $4.99 membership; netting them income of $995.01! Other App companies would take 25% off the top leaving their drivers with only $750 – that is a difference of $245.01 the driver lost out on with the other Apps.

This App is also great for those individuals who can’t get out and need errands ran – such as picking up their online purchases from WalMart.

JotsClub is truly win-win. Companies (and any individual) needing to send an item can save money, and get it there quicker. Shippers don’t pay till it arrives. They know who took it, and when it will arrive, and are able to chat with the driver during transit. Ordinary people can create income on their daily travels, or vacation, or even days off!

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