Tanzanite Apollo and Direct Sales of Tanzanite from source in Mirerani, Tanzania

Tanzanite Apollo

Tanzanite Apollo is provides direct sales of Tanzanite from source in Mirerani, Tanzania, to local and foreign Tanzanite dealers, brokers and lovers.


An exclusive blue or blue purplish gemstone of the zoisite type discovered in Tanzania back in 1967 is intruding the jewelry market.

It is the December birthstone.

Tanzanite Apollo is the direct source of Tanzanite, and may receive the orders and export the polished Tanzanite gemstones.


Tanzanite Apollo Partnership in pictures

IMG_20170821_110934085.jpg IMG_20170821_150304583.jpg IMG_20170821_150409313.jpg IMG_20170821_164031622_HDR.jpg 559-623-5204 SAM_0221.JPG (240) 751-5751 SAM_0224.JPG 2513132350 9123649594 (206) 445-4807 (628) 333-3040 IMG_20170826_145432320.jpg 9786024409 IMG_20170826_151142913.jpg IMG_20170826_151825050.jpg IMG_20170828_125523169.jpg 8159399423 3077425610 SAM_0002.JPG (437) 231-7134 6146856782 SAM_0009.JPG 3205650415 352-347-2660 SAM_0013.JPG Montpellier yellow 7046998582 (316) 515-4190 SAM_0017.JPG (201) 578-1534 SAM_0019.JPG SAM_0020.JPG (513) 413-7057 color card SAM_0037.JPG 719-240-4573 IMG_20170909_153350828.jpg IMG_20170909_175903161.jpg 5732050818 IMG_20170909_181054621.jpg IMG_20170909_183510380.jpg (713) 467-9563

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