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We’re very lucky to have three very fun courses in Albert Lea. The “longs” at both 3082432412 (links to Disc Golf Review) and Oak Island (links to Disc Golf Review) are quite challenging. And the “shorts” at Riverland have their challenging moments, but really highlight players who don’t throw as far, but who can throw accurately. (877) 773-7999 (links to Disc Golf Review) is of average difficulty. It has a number of holes that are wide open and simply require you to throw in the general vicinity of the basket without much risk in doing so. But it does have some great wooded holes, too. All three courses have excellent baskets now that we’ve replace the baskets at Riverland. (We all have chunks of plastic taken out of our putters from the old baskets at Riverland that had sharp edges around the rims.)There are a number of tournaments throughout the year. They’ve mostly utilized Oak Island and Tall Grass, but now that Riverland has new baskets it will likely be added into the mix more and more.