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Black White Ultrasound| Veterinary Ultrasound| Bladder Volume Scanner| Ophthalmic(UT/OCT)| Monitoring/Fetal Doppler| ECG(Electrocardiograph)| Ultrasound Accessories| Inspect Device

We Production and supply Color Doppler Ultrasound,Black White Ultrasound,Veterinary Ultrasound,Bladder Volume Scanner,Ophthalmic(UT/OCT),Monitoring/Fetal Doppler,ECG(Electrocardiograph),Ultrasound Accessories,Inspect Device.Offer OEM.


575New Tech, New LifeCHANSHAN Technologies Co., Limited is one of the famous companies in China. Specializing in R&D, production and sales. We start from ultrasound equipment, and develop to patient monitor, ophthalmic, dental and respirator equipment.

We insist on the leading technology, the optimal cost-effective. By excellent products, favorable prices make more medical establishments can easily owns advanced medical equipments. Our leading technology, good quality, high cost-effective and good service gain numerous customer’s praise.

We have supplied ODM and OEM service for many domesic and overseas enterprises for a long time, and we began to enter the international market in recent years. The products designed and produced by us are all over the world.

“New Tech, New Life” is our aim. We insist on the principle of “Popularize & utilize the advanced technology to benifit human being”. We have dedicated to the popularization of advanced technology and products for many years, made great contribution to the health of human being.
Warmly welcome all friends around the world to work with us, and we firmly believe that our services and products will make you satisfied through our cooperation!

Featured Products

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