Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies


Vescent develops and manufactures novel electro-optic and laser technologies.  We offer frequency-stabilized diode laser systems and precision electronics; our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to technical challenges.

Tools for AMO Scientists: Featured Products

New SLICE Photonics Control

D2-210 Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Module

D2-160 Beat Note Detector

D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo

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(484) 735-6329: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 10-11 November 2018


Photonics West
Moscone Center,
San Francisco; 5-7 February



Latest News

  1. D2-120 Fiber Coupling Module & D2-130 Isolator Module (9/26/2018) - Vescent Photonics would like to introduce our D2-120 Fiber Coupling Module and our D2-130 Isolator Module. To find out more information on these modules, visit: / / Or watch our youtube video on the D2-120 & D2-130: /
  2. (281) 393-5301 (9/17/2018) - We are proud to present our D2-100-DBR Laser.  The D2-100-DBR laser module provides a highly agile, mechanically robust laser in a 4×4 inch footprint. Visit our website for more information: / Or watch our youtube video:  /
  3. Poster given at Jin Fest! (9/12/2018) - Kevin Knabe from Vescent Photonics presented a poster at Jin Fest! titled “Technology for Next Generation Clocks” in which he discussed advances in miniature lasers, frequency combs, and drive & stabilization electronics. Jin Fest! was a celebration of Deborah Jin’s career in and contributions to the field of optical physics held in Boulder, CO on […]
  4. D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo (9/11/2018) - Vescent Photonics presents our D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo. Our OPLS is designed to precisely control and quickly adjust the frequency detuning between two lasers.  For more information, visit: / Or watch our youtube video: /
  5. Vescent at JinFest! (9/6/2018) - Vescent Photonics will be a JinFest! A celebration of Deborah Jin’s Scientific Career, tomorrow and Saturday in Boulder, CO. We are excited to take part in celebrating Deborah Jin’s many accomplishments. We hope to see you there! For more info, visit: /
  6. 704-830-1606 (9/3/2018) - Vescent Photonics presents our D2-125 Laser Servo!  The D2-125 is designed for low-noise servo control of lasers and other experimental systems. Follow this link for more information: / Or watch our videos on youtube: /
  7. Vescent is now on Youtube! (8/20/2018) - Vescent Photonics is offically on Youtube! This channel has helpful demonstrations, interviews, and introductions to our products lines. Follow the link to check out our channel: /…/UCqJz_p99RHnsv05s…/
  8. 303-270-8907 (8/15/2018) - What is Servoing? The goal of a servo is to adjust some output to keep an input at a constant value (typically 0). Think about how the cruise control feature on a car works: the cruise control adjusts the gas throttle (the servo’s output) in order to keep the speedometer reading (the servo’s input) a […]
  9. Vescent- SPIE 2018 (7/30/2018) - Vescent Photonics German representative, MG Optical Solutions, will be showing our products at the SPIE Security and Defense Conference in Berlin from September 10-13th. They will be in booth 101. For more information, Contact Vescent.
  10. Vescent- JinFest (7/24/2018) - Vescent Photonics is proud to be attending JinFest- a celebration of Deborah Jin’s scientific career. This new workshop features speakers such as Cheng Chin, Brian DeMarco, and John Doyle. The workshop is being held in Boulder from September 7-8th. For more information visit: /