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Welcome to the eConsortium for University Centers and Researchers for Partnership with Justice Practitioners. The eConsortium was formed by George Mason University's Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy (CEBCP), in collaboration with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and other scholars from multiple universities to help facilitate partnership building between researchers and centers of accredited universities and criminal justice practitioners. This project is part of the Matrix Demonstration Project (PIs: Cynthia Lum and Christopher Koper), funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The purpose of the CEBCP's eConsortium is to provide a resource to local, state, federal and other groups who seek to partner with researchers and centers of accredited universities* on mutually beneficial projects. Justice agencies and practitioners often seek assistance and scientific advice from university researchers about interventions, evaluations, and crime problems. In turn, researchers want to learn about the field, make their research more meaningful and realistic, and provide students with learning opportunities. Through this forum, we hope to strengthen and foster relationships between the academic research community and justice agencies, and to improve and increase the culture of evaluation and outreach by criminal justice practitioners, scholars and students.

Collaborations might include but are not limited to:

  • advice regarding crime, interventions, and evaluations
  • partnership on grant submissions for larger projects and evaluations
  • development of "locally initiated” or “Smart Policing/Courts/Corrections” partnerships and memoranda of understanding
  • exchange of data and research expertise
  • opportunities for graduate student dissertation and thesis research that benefits agency research needs
  • training and technical assistance
  • guest lectures and speakers
  • symposia, special events, etc.

* Please note: This service is free, but to be included in the eConsortium list, centers or experts must be an officially recognized unit or organization within an (713) 990-7736 or an equivalent status overseas.



The Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs has released a Byrne JAG grant solicitation requesting applications for technical assistance and evaluation of a pretrial risk assessment process in up to two Tennessee jurisdictions. See 905-659-9150 for more details.


Seattle Police Department welcomes requests to analyze their data. For more information and instructions, click here.

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813-430-2050 University 7704965986
University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center University of Alaska Anchorage AK
Jeffery T. Walker University of Alabama, Birmingham AL
Larry Salinger Arkansas State University AR
9033614456 Arizona State University AZ
7048945193 Arizona State University AZ
Center Against Trafficking of Commodities and Humans, CATCH San Diego State University CA
quasi-exact University of California, Irvine CA
Center for the Study of Correctional Education California State University CA
Dale K. Sechrest, Emeritus California State University San Bernardino CA
Jonathan W. Caudill, Ph.D. California State University, Chico CA
858-657-3933 California State University CA
6027443872 University of California CA
Sheldon X. Zhang, Ph.D. San Diego State University CA
978-374-2991 Stanford University CA
601-942-3160 San Diego State University CA
Center for the Study of Crime and Justice Colorado State University CO
purse crab University of Colorado Health Sciences Center CO
Douglas Prutting, Ph.D. Remington College CO
Department of Criminal Justice, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, University of New Haven University of New Haven CT
4145954772 Yale University CT
yellowish-gray Central Connecticut State University CT
(902) 598-0964 American University DC
Institute of Criminal Law & Procedure Georgetown University DC
(418) 742-2406 Howard University DC
Center for Drug and Health Studies, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Delaware University of Delaware DE
Erin M. Kerrison University of Delaware DE
800-739-3784 University of Delaware DE
Daniel P. Mears Florida State University FL
antiblennorrhagic Florida Atlantic University FL
6077659625 University of South Florida FL
(801) 648-9976 Florida International University FL
Roberto Hugh Potter, Ph.D. University of Central Florida FL
Wendie Johnna Albert, Ph.D. Keiser University FL
515-337-1046 Emory University GA
SPI-Savannah Savannah State University GA
heteromastigote University of Iowa IA
presuffer Adler School of Professional Psychology IL
8635293299 University of Illinois IL
201-678-3672 University of Illinois at Chicago IL
Joseph A. Schafer Southern Illinois University Carbondale IL
Stephanie Whitus, Ph.D. Aurora University IL
(219) 650-6597 Southern Illinois University IL
Center for Criminal Justice Research Indiana University IN
(312) 670-4571 Indiana University IN
Kevin M. Bryant, Ph.D. Benedictine College KS
University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare University of Kansas KS
Center for Research on Violence Against Women University of Kentucky KY
856-390-2242 University of Louisville KY
russet-backed University of Louisville KY
(405) 205-8810 Tulane University LA
Picard Center for Child Development and Lifelong Learning University of Louisiana-Lafayette LA
Aviva Twersky Glasner, Ph.D. Bridgewater State University MA
(734) 406-4044 Suffolk University MA
Cape Cod Community College Cape Cod Community College MA
702-439-4484 Suffolk University MA
3343930918 Fisher College MA
905-666-7626 University of Massachusetts Boston MA
586-668-0830 UMass Lowell MA
Institute on Race and Justice Northeastern University MA
8224431098 University of Massachusetts Lowell MA
Linda Daniels, Ph.D. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology MA
786-206-8958 Worcester State University MA
2293094113 Washington College MD
Denise Gottfredson, Ph.D. University of Maryland MD
4016194510 Johns Hopkins University MD
208-291-9631 University of Maryland MD
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism University of Maryland MD
(216) 416-5285 University of Southern Maine ME
Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Michigan State University MI
7653922047 University of Detroit MI
School of Criminal Justice Michigan State University MI
(603) 493-8793 Missouri State University MO
stophound University of Missouri School of Social Work MO
Crime & Justice Unit of the Social Science Research Center Mississippi State University MS
3478303882 University of North Carolina Wilmington NC
Deborah Brown Quick, Ph.D. Johnson C. Smith University NC
Gregory E. Perkins Fayetteville State University NC
9096538057 University of North Carolina at Charlotte NC
Kristen DeVall University of North Carolina Wilmington NC
(406) 998-5767 North Carolina State University NC
870-678-9075 Minot State University ND
Benjamin Steiner, Ph.D. University of Nebraska, Omaha NE
(714) 907-1236 Nebraska Indian Community College NE
Nebraska Center for Justice Research University of Nebraska-Omaha NE
Anna King, Ph.D. Georgian Court University NJ
4087231352 Cumberland County College NJ
954-616-9997 Rutgers University NJ
amygdalotomy University of Nevada Las Vegas NV
Center for Human Services Research University at Albany, State University of New York NY
Center for Public Safety Initiatives at RIT (CPSI) Rochester Institute of Technology NY
Marron Institute of Urban Management New York University NY
9522130435 Marymount Manhattan College NY
Misdemeanor Justice Project John Jay College of Criminal Justice NY
443-384-7522 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York NY
Robert E. Worden, Ph.D. University at Albany, SUNY NY
603-912-4438 University of Cincinnati OH
Corrections Institute University of Cincinnati OH
8663734309 The Ohio State University OH
(205) 504-8468 University of Cincinnati OH
almonry Case Western Reserve University OH
(334) 872-1377 Oklahoma City University OK
8502917344 Portland State University OR
Rachel Hardesty, Ph.D. Portland State University OR
(330) 860-8188 Western Oregon University OR
Eileen M. Ahlin Penn State Harrisburg PA
Elizabeth Groff, Ph.D. Temple University PA
Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support Center (EPISCenter) Pennsylvania State University PA
5204574486 Villanova University PA
Kristine Artello, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, New Kensington PA
Penn State Justice Center for Research The Pennsylvania State University PA
7123782503 Widener University PA
(702) 861-9255 University of South Carolina SC
Evaristus Obinyan, Ph.D. Benedict College SC
Marjie T. Britz, Ph.D. Clemson University SC
(954) 429-7682 Coastal Carolina University SC
Center for Law and Human Behavior University of Texas at El Paso TX
7244607730 Texas Southern University TX
Institute for Forensic Science Texas Tech University TX
4389699371 University of Houston-Downtown TX
Jeff Rojek University of Texas at El Paso TX
Lydia M. Long, Ph.D. Excelsior College TX
Teddilane Turner, JD Strayer University TX
262-335-3517 The University of Texas at Dallas TX
UTSA Department of Criminal Justice University of Texas at San Antonio TX
Vincent Webb, Ph.D. Sam Houston State University TX
David M. Stein, Ph.D. Utah State University UT
Stephen J. Bahr, Ph.D. Brigham Young University UT
8333119792 University of Utah UT
Alison Marganski, Ph.D. Virginia Wesleyan College VA
(709) 525-5789 Marymount University VA
Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence! George Mason University VA
Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy George Mason University VA
Center for Social Complexity George Mason University VA
Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) George Mason University VA
Cynthia L. Starita, Ph.D. Marymount University VA
Gary S. Green, Ph.D. Christopher Newport University VA
Human Emotions Research Lab George Mason University VA
2526060391 George Mason University VA
360-617-0546 Radford University VA
Learning Agents Center George Mason University VA
812-472-9817 University of Vermont VT
(270) 224-0960 University of Washington, Tacoma WA
(330) 559-8040 Washington State University WA
Matthew J Hickman Seattle University WA
Trisha King Stargel, Ed.D. Seattle University WA
Cecelia Klingele, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin WI
4136537030 University of Wisconsin WI
3164625432 Population Health Institute WI
Mountain State Criminal Justice Research Services Marshall University WV
(607) 304-1449 University of Wyoming WY
Donna Goyer CSU San Marcos
573-509-3389 Loyola University New Orleans
(714) 703-7092 Queens University
410-344-7933 University of Western Sydney
817-713-6634 Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
9095257183 University of Surrey
Marianne Junger, Ph.D. University of Twente
(928) 236-3268 Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Michael Donnelly, Ph.D. Queen's University Belfast
866-987-9505 NSCR
Robert Nash, Ph.D. University of Surrey
UK Observatory University of Surrey
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